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Doubleknot empowers zoos and aquariums to manage every aspect of ticketing, admissions, memberships, fundraising and education programs in a single system. With full access to all visitor, member and donor data, your team can deliver excellent customer service that results in greater loyalty, deeper engagement and increased revenue to help achieve your mission.

Doubleknot stores every transaction and interaction—whether on your web site, at admissions or anywhere you go with our mobile sales app—in a single unified database. Integrated reporting and analytics help develop key insights into visitor behavior so you can pinpoint opportunities to increase attendance, memberships and donations. Fine-grained control over discounts and promotions deliver the right offer to the right people at the right time to increase engagement and revenue. And, optional integration with ClearView CRM eliminates any compromise between flexible visitor, member and donor services and a powerful back-office fundraising and donor management CRM.

Most of all, Doubleknot makes it easy to deliver exceptional customer service. When ticket lines are long, you can deploy staff with our mobile app to sell tickets and memberships without opening another cash register. And to reduce waste and support environmentally friendly missions, Doubleknot offers full support for e-tickets, text and email receipts, digital membership cards and more.

Doubleknot currently serves more than 300 nonprofits in North America, the majority of which are admission- and membership-based cultural attractions. Our 95% year-over-year customer retention rate is a result of our commitment to helping nonprofit cultural attractions to deliver their mission and achieve their goals.

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