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Watch video on group reservations for cabins, activities and conference rooms  (<3 mins)

Watch video on camper registration  (<2 mins)

Doubleknot software was designed from the ground up with camps in mind. Our registration platform allows for flexibility and control over the entire process for both individual and group bookings. You will more efficiently fill up your camp and conference center, and with improved data collection, you'll have the ability to plan resources better, adjust capacity limits on the fly and bring in more revenue with targeted upsell suggestions.  Doubleknot supports your camp with solutions for:

  • Online Camper Registration
  • Online Camper Payments
  • Conference Center Reservations
  • Retreat/Group Reservations
  • Online Event/Tour Booking
  • Registration Reporting
  • Activity Scheduling
  • Online Camp Store
  • Camper and Visiting Day Mobile Check In
  • Email & Newsletter Communications
  • Social Network Support
  • Camper/Parent Surveys
  • Forms Library
  • Alumni Database
  • Camp Website Services
  • Online Donations

Online Registration 

Our camp and conference center software is a highly flexible web-based solution that allows you to easily create online registrations that can collect both money and data for your camp participants.  With our registration forms builder, you can collect emergency contact info, medical insurance, drop off and pick up dates as well as additional fee-based items such as t-shirt and sweat pants, camp bank funds, bed sheet rentals, excursions, day trips, and email and photo fees. 

Reservations for Retreats, Conferences and Group Events 

Our Reservations Module is ideal for all types of group reservations, such as corporate and religious retreats, conferences and other group events.  A color-coded Availability Calendar shows when cabins, campsites, conference rooms and program facilities are available.  Relationships can be created that link booking of one asset to another, so that packaged programs can be easily booked and availability is maintained (more info on our camp registration software for retreats).

Camper & Group Check In 

Got a bottleneck on the first day of camp?  Need to get the parents to their kids faster on visiting day?  Use our free iPhone app or camera-enabled PC to check in participants and visitors quickly.  It uses a QR code to find the registration/reservation and then display it on a mobile device or PC screen. Use it to reduce the long lines on your busiest days (more info on the check in features of our camp registration software).

Updates & Progress Payments

Use our camp software to create payment schedules that allow parents to commit to camp with only an initial deposit. You'll be able to view the registration, enter modifications and make additional payments over time.  You can set fixed amounts or percentages for both the initial payment and all subsequent payment dates.  Early discounts and late fees can be applied based on when payment is made, which encourages timely payments, improves your cash flow and is completely automated. 

Camper Preferences

Doubleknot's camp and conference center software provides easy-to-configure registration forms that can be used to collect all the needed camper-specific information during registration. Collect and store information on camper allergies, special needs and bunk preferences. We provide all the tools and training so you can create and modify these forms as needed without having to contact us. 

Website Management

Easily update and manage your camp's website even without knowledge of HTML.  Upload pictures, videos and documents that have restricted access to your camper's families or can be made public for PR and marketing purposes.

Online Camp Store

Sell merchandise and services online in advance to parents, campers and their extended family using our full featured online store.  Features include a product catalog with images and thumbnails, tax calculations, shipping cost calculations, discount codes, separate billing and shipping addresses, inventory availability and much more (more info on the online store features of our camp management software).

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