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Doubleknot Makes Organizing Your Members Easier Than Ever

Whether your organization is a non-profit that serves the community with paid memberships, or you are a political organization that has several supporting members, keeping all of your members organized can be a challenge.

Doubleknot's membership management software provides a full featured membership database, allowing you to create and manage member information, and makes searching for members a simple task. Our membership management software allows you to manage profile attributes and privileges, member relations, status and all other characteristics about your members. Import and export data, build dynamic email list and keep track of event participation and payment history. Members of your organization as well as those that have purchased online can view and update their own information via a secure login on our membership site.

Member Features

  • Maintain Profile: Members and purchasers can login to our membership site to view and update their user name, password, address and all other profile fields that are set for end user access.
  • Maintain Subscriptions: Email lists are show with the ability to opt in and out as needed.
  • View and Update Registrations, Reservations, Purchases and Memberships: Each type of purchase is listed in a separate tab so members and purchasers can easily view purchase history and make updates and additional payments as allowed.

Administrative Features

  • Search Member Profile: Administrators can search for member records by any profile attributes. Query can be saved for future searches. Search results can be exported and/or used as a dynamic email list for email broadcasts.
  • Import Records: A files of member information can be uploaded in order to update member information or to create new members for an organization. An automatic email notification is sent to each new member with their initial userid and password.
  • Event Participation History: Event participation history is maintained for the purpose of record keeping and communications. Administrators can update these records as necessary.
  • Historical Member Directory: Doubleknot can maintain a list of prior year's membership information. This information can be used to communicate to prior members as well as used for marketing purposes.

User Groups

Our membership management software allows for groups to be created and used for targeted communications as well as controlling access to site features and content such as the document library, surveys and photos. Features include:

  • Create and Manage Groups: Allows for the creating and editing groups or email list. Group name and group assignment rights can be set.
  • Assign Group Members: Select members and assign them to one or many groups.
  • Assign Permissions: Give select members or groups of members rights to content or to features of the membership software such as the ability to email to the group.

Reduce the effort in managing and communicating with all of your members: Doubleknot gives you the helping hand and tools you need to make your membership management process flow effortlessly. Read on for more information on Doubleknot's membership management software.

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