Professional Services

With Doubleknot, your organization doesn’t just get a software package. You get a long-term partner who is committed to your success, every step of the way.

We fully understand the operating environments and the challenges that face the organizations we serve, and we work closely with each new client to ensure that we understand the unique way you run your business.

Then, we configure our software to align with your processes, so you don’t have to make any changes to the way you operate to use our software effectively.

Finally, we deliver comprehensive, customized training to make sure that your staff understands how to use our software to support their jobs on day one.

But our training and support services don’t stop after implementation. Doubleknot is always available to ensure that our software continues to meet your changing needs. And, we’re committed to making sure that your staff is always confident and up-to-date on the best ways to use our tools to support your mission.

Whether you need help configuring an event, starting a fundraising campaign, or setting up a new summer camp program, Doubleknot is ready to offer professional advice and guidance. And, in case of turnover, we can bring your new staff up to speed quickly.

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