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Camp Registration


Camp Registration

Software Solutions

Some software vendors want to change the way you run your business to match the way they built their software. Not Doubleknot.

We understand the unique needs of nonprofits and mission-based organizations, and we’ve designed our software to adapt to your needs. Our professional services team works closely with you and your staff to ensure that your software and systems work the way you want them to. 

As a result, Doubleknot offers a superior experience for your online visitors as well as your staff: 

What if We Need to Make Changes?

Some software vendors don’t let you manage your own configuration…and they charge you each and every time you want to add a new page; set up event, camp or class registration; or change your facilities calendar. 

Not Doubleknot. Every aspect of your software is under your control. We provide initial setup and training, documentation and ongoing support to make sure that you always know how to do exactly what you need to do.

After training, we will review (upon request) any configuration you or your staff create to make sure that it meets your needs. And if you decide you’d rather not make changes yourself, our professional services team offers customized add-on services to configure Doubleknot to your specifications.

Learn more about our integrated software and solutions for:

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