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Friday's Doubleknot News - Vol. 177

NEW: Assign Event Forms to Different Registrant Types
If you’re creating an event that has multiple registrant types, you can now assign a form to a specific registrant type. This new feature makes it easy to display the right form for the right participants during the registration process. 

To assign a form to a registrant type, follow these general steps:

  1. On the management page for an event with registrant types, click
    Assign Forms.
  2. Assign the form. 
  3. If the form is required, select Required
  4. Select Each Registrant. The Registrant Type menu will be displayed. 
  5. Select the registrant type for which the form should be displayed, or select All to display the form to all registrants. 
Assigning forms to different registrant types

NEW: Manage the List of Registrant Types
Doubleknot now provides an easy way to view, edit, and delete registrant types that are used in event management. You can also see a list of events to which a registrant type has been assigned. For more information, check out the Managing Registrant Types User Brief in the User Manuals section or in the online help under the Event Management heading. 

NEW: Updates to Member Management and Membership Management
The Member Management interface has been improved to make it easier to manage member profiles, permissions, roles, and groups. The new interface uses the same tabbed structure as Event Management, with the functions organized under logical headings. All of the member/constituent management features will operate the same way—they're just  easier to find.  
The Membership Management interface has also been updated. Each membership type now has its own management page that provides at-a-glance information about financials and member totals, and offers easy access to important functions.

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