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Los Padres CouncilDisabilities in Scouting

Scouts with Disabilities

Disabilities Awareness - Serving Scouts With Disabilities

The basic premise of Scouting for youth with special needs is that every boy wants to participate fully and be respected like every other member of the troop. While there are, by necessity, troops exclusively composed of Scouts with disabilities, experience has shown that Scouting usually succeeds best when every boy is part of a patrol in a regular troop.


Scouting with Special Needs and Disabilities Information Sheet

Disabilities Awareness - Serving Scouts with Disabilities

An introductory page of resources on serving Scouts with Disabilities.  Contains links to several Powerpoint presentations

  • Including Scouts With Disabilities, PowerPoint presentation
  • Inclusion – The Key to Disabilities Awareness
  • Camping Considerations for Scouts With Disabilities
  • Program and Planning Strategies for Working With Scouts With Disabilities
  • Essentials in Serving Scouts With Disabilities 

Abilities Digest Archives 

Advancement Flexibility Allowed  (Guide to Advancement)

Scouting for Youth with Disabilities Manual (155 pages)

Registering Qualified Members Beyond the Age of Eligibility

College of Commissioner Science has two courses for working with disabled youth:

Bachelor of Commissioner Science Course

Master of Commissioner Science Course - Advance Special Needs Scouting


Local Presentations at Roundtables

Scout Level Education and Opportunities

All youth should be trained to recognize and provide assistance to help brother Scouts.  Within Scouting there are several opportunities to learn about these challenges.

  • For Wolf Scouts, there is an elective titled for Cubs Who Care.  
  • For Webelos the electives is Aware and Care.
  • Boys Scouts can earn the Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge
SCOUT OPPORTUNITIES    Cubs Who Care Elective Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge Aware and Care Elective

All links on this page will take the user to either or unless specifically stated otherwise.