District 12 & 17 Venture Kodiac Course

Description: District 12 & 17 Venture Kodiac Course
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Grove, Utah


We will hold to this change. It has been formally worked out with Kevin Bateman who is grateful for the assistance in getting this rearranged.
We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to be there in such a great place.
Please let me know if this will work for all of you.
Also, since the Kodiak course at Envision is only available to those individuals whose family members will be participating Rick Barnes has requested that we open this course up to all from Council to participate formally. This course will not be designated as a coed course since we do not have coed staffing for it. This will be posted and available only for non-coed participation.
We have selected and called Joel Armstrong to serve as the Crew President. Joel is contacting two others - Brayden Weir and Jordan Pieper to see if they will serve as his assistants. Jordan has already verbally agreed to serve with Joel. I will contact Joel today to see if he has received a commitment from Brayden. We still need someone to serve as Secretary.
We will then meet and begin identifying and calling Junior Advisors, V Shop director, and Quartermaster staffing. We will need an adult to assist us with financial items and to follow up on individuals. Additional adult positions needed are: 8 advisors, 1 V Shop advisor, 1 to assist quartermaster, medical/EMT assistance, Transportation assistant, climbing certified adult (to assist John Hill), Cycling specialist(s), Wilderness first aid specialist, and certified NRA instructor/specialist to assist with shotgun activity.
Please submit any names of individuals that you have to be considered (I have Tally's list already - looks great!) for these youth positions.
Our first planning session will begin with the Presidency on March 3rd at 7:00 PM (location to be determined). All meetings will begin the following week (week of March 5th) and we will meet weekly until we are adequately organized and making good progress.
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