North Carolina - Boy Scouts of America - 100th Anniversary Report to the State Service Project Hours Form

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Please use this form to report hours for each service project your unit has performed in 2010.

* Which Council are you with?  
Select the appropriate County in which your Unit is located.
If Cape Fear, Which County?  
If Central North Carolina, Which County?  
If Daniel Boone, Which County?  
If East Carolina, Which County?  
If Mecklenburg County, Which County?  
If Occoneechee, Which County?  
If Old Hickory, Which County?  
If Old North State, Which County?  
If Piedmont, Which County?  
If Tuscarora, Which County?  
If Tidewater Council in Albemarle District, Which NC County?  
Please provide the information below.
* In Which City/Town was the Service Project Performed?
* Type of Unit
* Unit Number
3 or 4 digit number
* Service Project Date
MM/DD/YYYY - beginning date of service project only.
* Number of Youth Participating
* Number of Adults Participating
* Total Number of Service Project Hours
Please provide a total number of hours for all participants for this entire service project.
* Brief Service Project Description
PLEASE LIMIT YOUR DESCRIPTION TO 20 WORDS OR LESS! Example: Trash collection - Highway 95 - 3 mile stretch of road.
* Email Address
In case we have questions or would like to follow up, please supply your email address.
Thank you for your unit's service and for completing this reporting form.