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Ensuring Efficient Operations for Religious Organization with Doubleknot’s Church Membership Software

From large national organizations to the smallest church, Doubleknot has the membership software and services that will allow you to build relationships and engage supporters and members.  We have solutions tailored to meet the needs of religious organizations that will help you with member dues, event RSVP & tickets, fundraising, website management and email communications.  

Online Donations and Member Dues

Donations and dues payments by your congregants and others can be easily made online, helping to make your office staff more efficient.  Donations can include options to enter "In Memory of" information and automatic confirmation email can contain tax-id and other follow up information.  Dues payments can also collect and update member database information.

Member Database

Doubleknot's church membership software can help you keep track of all member information including dues, donation and event participation history.  Updates to contact information can be made by both office staff and members themselves.  Other database elements can be restricted to updates by office staff only.  With our church database software, searches can be saved for reuse and for building dynamic email listed.  Records can be exported and imported as needed.

Online Ticketing for Religious Services and Events

Have congregants order or purchase tickets online for special services or events.  Doubleknot's online registration tools offer flexibility to create options in the sign up processes to collect information and additional donations for items such as tribute books or special appeals.  Confirmation receipts are automatically sent out after completion of the online process.  Links to sign up can be posted on your website as well as emailed to the congregation.

Website Management

Manage your entire website and easily make updates with Doubleknot's Content Management software, Site Brander. Knowledge of HTML is NOT a requirement to effectively utilize the software. Office staff can be designated as content contributors or content publishers allowing you to distribute the site management tasks while maintaining control over final site content.

Email Communications 

Use our Email Marketing tool to send out targeted communications to your congregants based on their topics of interest.  Members can opt into and out of lists at any time.  As part of a fully-integrated solution, our church management software can allow you to build Newsletters that can be emailed, as well as linked to the website using our Newsroom feature. 

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