Doubleknot for Causes

At Doubleknot, we understand what it takes to advocate for your cause, which is why we have non-profit solutions such as cause marketing and donation management software that will allow your mission-based organization to raise funds quickly, manage donor database records, and reach out to people through personalized emails, newsletters and social media. 

Newsletters & Email List Management

With our non-profit software suite, you can create custom newsletters with text and graphics that call people to action. Send it to an email list composed of all members; or you can filter it by fundraising event attendees or prior donation amount. You can even target recipients based on single or multiple factors such as zipcode, last donation date or other attributes for an email with a high action IQ.

Fundraising & Donations

You can use our email marketing tool from our Constituent Communications product suite, to send out event announcements, donation appeals, and other type of promotions.  You can then collect funds and pledges 24/7 using our online donation and fundraising event registration software.  The automatic email receipts can contain thank you messages as well as tax identification information.  This tool supports both one-time and recurring donations.

Volunteer Management

Communicate with volunteers through email and your website to keep them up to date on the latest news and volunteer opportunities. Set up a calendar of "Volunteers needed" signup slots that can be quickly searched and easily reserved so that you have the support when and where you need it.

Social Media 

With Doubleknot's solutions, you can also communicate with your constituents on Facebook by allowing your top supporters to advocate on your behalf to their trusted network of friends.  Our Facebook application enables supporters to personalize the appeal, set goals, and display results.  Donations made are automatically tagged by volunteer, so that you can recognize the efforts of your most fervent supporters.

Aside from cause marketing software and related solutions, we here at Doubleknot also offer a wide range of products such as Online Sales & Commerce, Constituent Communications, and Website & IT Management tools; services including website development, staff training and support, service packages, and outsourced services; and other solutions for Scouting Councils, zoos and aquariums, camps and conference centers, educational programs, association and clubs, religious groups and other non-profit and mission-based organizations.

Successfully serving over 1,200 small and large organizations, we will definitely do our best to understand your needs; provide cause marketing and donation management software, and other innovative and effective solutions; and increase awareness, participation, and revenue growth.

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