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Website Development for Non-Profits and Mission-Based Organizations

Doubleknot offers services to compliment its best-in-class hosted application. Doubleknot services are provided by our staff of Sr. IT service professionals, with hundreds of successfully completed web site development and enhancement projects with non-profits just like yours.

Site Development Project Services

Our typical approach to a new non-profit web design and site development project is to:

  • Hold meetings with key organization leadership to express and document organization requirements for arranging site information and communicating to your various constituents.
  • Create and deliver an Information Architecture which documents the categories of site content and how they will reside on the pages of the site.
  • Design and implement a new creative design inclusive of the header, footer, stylesheet and color scheme.  Further details on our approach to creative services are presented below.
  • Create a menu structure in Doubleknot’s content management system, Site Brander.
  • Create templates for site pages that can be used by the organization as they add new pages
  • Integrate Doubleknot’s event registration, calendar, newsletters, document library, surveys, and other products into the site. We will determine the tools needed and the priority of implementing each one during the initial project meetings.
  • Train staff and volunteers on how to use Site Brander to create and modify content, so that once we are gone, you have the tools and know-how to quickly and easily make changes yourself.

Creative Services

Our creative non-profit design services effort is divided into two phases. In the first phase, we will produce design alternatives and work with you to confirm the final design. Once we have an agreed upon design, we can =implement your design in Site Brander. 

Doubleknot works iteratively with your organization to design the new website leveraging our experience with other like-organizations. We will hold working sessions to develop a detailed site navigation structure as well as the overall look and feel of the site. Our creative designs can be as economical or as elaborate as you choose. By gathering requirement and iterating the design with you, we can better match the creative effort to your budget. 

Site Brander, Doubleknot’s content management tool, allows both technical and non-technical staff to make site updates in a timely fashion, thereby increasing the usefulness of the site and attracting and retaining the target audience. Because Site Brander is an integrated component of our application suite, all other Doubleknot’s products can be accessed through it. 

Once the site us up and running, changes to site content can be quickly and easily made, based on feedback from your community without the need to contact Doubleknot for changes.  Using our tools, organizations can implement a new site design, and then make changes to it to determine what works and what doesn’t in order to reach their overall goals for the site.

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