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Outsourced Services

Focus your staff on your core business operations and leave the registration, support, newsletter, web content maintenance and other technology tasks to us.  This can help your organization increase program participation and fill up availability sooner, improve cash flow and event planning, and allow your existing personnel to concentrate on other valuable services. 

Event Service

Our Outsourced Event Services is a full-service package that covers ALL tasks for ALL your events and includes:

  • Event Setup and Configuration: We work with you to understand your event details and registration requirements.  From there, we'll do the rest.
  • Event Promotion: Promote your event using Email Marketing and Social Media.
  • Manage your Online Presence: Maintain website and social networking sites.
  • Event Registration Management & Reporting: This includes phone support for registrants' questions, creating and issuing weekly event-specific registration reports and monthly, as well as right before and after the event, issuing event summary reports including both registrant and financial summaries.
  • Gather Post-event Feedback: Using our surveys tool, we design the survey based to elicit frank and honest feedback, distribute it, then collect and report results.
  • Funds Collections:  In the days and weeks leading up to the event, we will send out billing reminders and follow up with phone calls to be sure payments are made in a timely manner.

Newsletter Service

Our Outsourced Newsletter Service ensures that your newsletters have a professional look, are relevant to the season, go out on time and reach your intended audience.  These services include:

  • Design: Designing a professional looking template that visually communicates to your constituency.
  • E-list Management: Build and maintain your newsletter E-list including sourcing your prior registrations, memberships and donors.  We also set your events to prompt for customer opt-in and check that your website and email correspondences do the same.
  • Manage Content Creation: Communicate to article authors about content needs and deadlines
  • Newsletter Creation and QA:  We assemble newsletter, run quality control checks and route it for approval.
  • Publish Newsletter: Using our Email Marketing, we distribute the newsletter electronically and check for opt outs and bounced emails. 
  • Reporting: A monthly report including statistics on readership, click-through, conversion rates and opt-outs.

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