2012 Friends of Scouting

2012 Friends of Scouting
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Every week, millions of

Scouts raise their hands

and make a promise.

It’s more than just a pledge

to an organization.

It represents a

lifelong commitment

to them, their families, and

the community they share.



ACHIEVEMENT We see fitness as a promise made to one’s self. Scouts learn to be both physically and mentally fit, which helps them to become healthy adults with integrity. Through a wide variety of activities, they develop a strong sense of well-being and the determination to achieve their goals.


LEADERSHIP In an age where young people are confronted with so many negative influences, Scouting provides guidance and role models built upon the timeless values of our families, friends, and communities. Scouts gain a solid foundation of values that help them become productive citizens and effective leaders. As adults, many Scouts honor those traditions by returning to serve as adult leaders and positive role models for the next generation.


YOUR PROMISE The success of Scouting depends upon those who support it. That includes the work of adult volunteers, the encouragement of parents, and the financial assistance of Friends of Scouting. After all, providing a quality program to a growing number of Scouts becomes more expensive each year. Your generous gift does more than simply cover our expenses; it serves as your personal promise to our Scouts today and our communities.


MISSION To be an integral part of our community while providing every Scouting-aged youth in our service area an opportunity to be involved in a quality Scout program that builds character, citizenship, and personal fitness while teaching values and instilling character.


VISION To continue the legacy of Scouting by instilling the words to live by of the Scout Oath and Law in today’s diverse society and to be recognized as the leading youth service organization in Burlington County while positively impacting our community, its families and children.


CONFIDENCE Through Scouting programs, young people are introduced to fun and exciting new experiences that help them learn about our world. Just as important, they are challenged to find new strengths within themselves. With each success, their confidence, self-reliance, and sense of worth become stronger. That strength helps them to make the right choices as they are confronted with difficult challenges.


TEAMWORK Scouts learn the value of teamwork through successful experiences that teach them to trust themselves and others. Through small groups, such as dens and patrols, Scouts develop interpersonal skills and gain self-confidence to achieve goals. Not only do they learn practical skills in leadership, they also discover what it is like to work well with others and develop an appreciation and respect for our environment. Scouts learn lessons that last a lifetime.


COMMUNITY Community service programs such as Scouting for Food, Good Turn for America, conservation improvements, and individual Scout service projects are just some of the ways Scouts demonstrate their commitment to their community. Scout packs, troops, crews, and posts have provided thousands of hours of community service to benefit all of our neighborhoods.


PRINCIPLES There is a sense of pride knowing that every week in every neighborhood, caring, dedicated volunteers gather to teach our youth the virtues of the Scout Law. Over 80% of men who were involved in Scouting agree that the values they learned as a youth continue to be an important part of their everyday lives. Everyday, Scouts and their families learn by participating in activities centered on achieving three aims: character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness.


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