Resica Fall Dining Hall Challenge Grant

Resica Falls Scout Reservation
Dining Hall Challenge Grant

Dining Hall Proposal
We are requesting the consideration of a contribution towards the renovation and expansion of the Boy Scout Dining Hall at Resica Falls Scout Reservation.

Attendance at Boy Scout summer camp at Resica Falls has increased 30% in the past four years. Although we are excited that more Scouts are attending camp, this increase has taxed our current facilities. One of the facilities that is most in need of expansion is the central Dining Hall, at which hot meals are prepared and served three times a day.

As explained in the attached proposal, the Council has undertaken an expansion of the original Dining Hall, adding a 3600 square foot addition. The total cost of the project is $360,000, of which $250,000 has been secured to-date. A donor has issued a challenge grant of $50,000 if we are able to raise the final $60,000. If granted, your gift would be applied toward this challenge.

Spending a week at summer camp provides many positive outcomes for youth. We appreciate your consideration in helping us support the Scouts in our community.

Resica Falls Scout Reservation
The Cradle of Liberty Council operates their Boy Scout Summer Camp at the Resica Falls Scout Reservation, a 4,500 acre outdoor education center located in the Pocono Mountains. Founded in 1955, Resica Falls offers youth a pristine wilderness experience, complete with two lakes, a swimming pool, a nationally-ranked cold water trout stream, and miles of hiking trails.

Attendance at Resica Falls has increased steadily over the years, with marked increases in the past five years. Listed below are the attendance records for the past five years:
Year # Youth # Adults # Staff Total
Avg. Weekly
2006 1418 365 69 1852 232
2007 1492 381 81 1954 244
2008 1933 468 93 2494 356*
2009 2473 661 89 3223 460
2010 2583 699 109 3391 484
* In 2008, Resica Falls changed from an 8-week program to a 7-week program

As a result of these increases in attendance, the Council has undertaken efforts to expand the facilities to accommodate the additional campers. Additional campsites, tents and cots have been secured, and key program areas have been expanded.A new swimming pool, shower house and bathroom facilities were completed in 2006, with a new trading post and rifle range completed in 2007 and 2008.

Sir John Templeton Dining Hall
The final key facility at Resica Falls Summer Camp that needs to be expanded is the Dining Hall. Each day, the camp provides a hot breakfast, lunch and dinner to the campers, leaders and staff in a dining hall facility. The original Dining Hall, built in 1957, had a capacity of holding only 300 scouts and leaders in one sitting. As a result, Scouts have eaten in shifts for the past several years, and many weeks have found the staff and leaders eating outdoors, due to the lack of seats.

In the spring of 2010, the Council’s Property Committee approved plans to construct a 60 x 60 foot addition to the existing 40 x 100 foot Dining Hall. This addition would allow the camp to accommodate up to 600 Scouts and leaders in one seating, and would provide a modern, clean dining hall facility.

Construction costs were estimated at $300,000. After receiving a generous gift of $250,000 from Dr. John Templeton, and seeing the continued increases in camp attendance, the Council agreed to begin construction.

The majority of the addition to the Dining Hall was completed in June, 2010, just in time for the start of the camp season. Final trim work will be completed in the Fall of 2010, and the total cost of the project is now projected to be $360,000.

Given the increased cost for the addition, Dr. Templeton has agreed to issue a challenge grant, in which he will contribute an additional $50,000 if the Council successfully raises an additional $60,000.

By contributing to the expansion and improvement of the Resica Falls Dining Hall, you are insuring that thousands of youth in our area experience the values and character-building activities of Scouting.

On behalf of these young people, thank you for your consideration.

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