Simplify Feedback and Data Collection with Doubleknot's Survey Builder

Doubleknot's survey builder can be used for collecting feedback and for adding additional questions and data collection fields to a registration.  Our survey software lets you create, edit, delete, and distribute surveys, as well as report on the results without having to be a programmer or know HTML. 

Doubleknot's survey builder software has a wide range of features, including:

  • Field Type Selection: A wide-range of field type is available to create the survey including:
    • Checkboxes
    • Date
    • Dropdown Menu
    • Header
    • Horizontal Line
    • HTML
    • Multiple Line Text Area
    • Radio Button
    • Single Line Text Field
    • Cost Display Field
    • Current Date Display
    • Number of Registrants
    • Registrant Type
    • Variable Cost Field
    • Captcha - human-readable field for security
  • Unlimited Fields, Unlimited Pages: Forms can contain as many or as few fields and pages as you need.
  • Conditional Logic: The Forms and Survey builder allows for the creation of robust processing rules. Based on the answer to a question, it can lead the user down different paths.
  • Copy Survey: Use a survey that is already functional to quickly build another.
  • Set Cost Message: Cost messages are used in conjunction with cost items on a form to display a message to the user based on the sum of all cost items selected on the form. You can add multiple cost messages for different ranges.
  • Activate or Deactivate the Survey: Activate or deactivate it manually or it can be opened and/or closed automatically based on date(s).
  • Notifications: Upon form completion an email of the survey results can be sent to all interested parties
  • Reports: Export all survey data as well as query results and view a variety of reports online.

As leading provider of innovative software for non-profits and other mission-based organizations, Doubleknot has helped groups and causes nationwide achieve their goals and increase revenues through its full range of solutions. Contact us to learn more about our survey creator software.

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