Staff Training and Support

Doubleknot offers comprehensive training and support to help new clients get started and ensure that our existing clients continue to harness the benefits of Doubleknot’s powerful features. And, as new staff or volunteers come into your organization, we can quickly get them up to speed.

  • Training: Doubleknot offers standard training classes for each of our products, and we can customize training to meet your organization’s unique needs. In addition, training videos about common topics are always available online.
  • Webinars: Doubleknot regularly delivers in-depth, interactive webinars on all aspects of the application suite, including new features. If you can’t attend the webinar, videos are posted online after the event.
  • Support: Our knowledgeable support staff can answer your questions and review events, newsletters, surveys and other Doubleknot configurations to ensure that they are set up correctly and take advantage of advanced features and capabilities. 

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