Social Media

The Doubleknot services includes a Facebook application that can be used by your volunteers and supporters to advocate on behalf of your organization to their trusted network of friends on Facebook.  The application, which can be associated with your donations, event fundraisers and program events, can be downloaded and installed in a few quick steps.  With this app, your advocates can enter a personalized message, set goals for total dollars collected or number of participants, and measure their own success by showing a graphic of funds raised or participant sign ups to-date against their goal.

Most importantly, the application tracks the conversion rate of each and every one of your volunteer advocates so that you can recognize them for their efforts.  By having others appeal to their network on Facebook, you get higher click thrus and conversion rates than more traditional means such as emails and website posts.

Our approach to Social Media is one more way that Doubleknot helps you better monetize your community.  Click here for a video illustrating how this application works. 

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