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Reporting and Analytics

Doubleknot offers a variety of ways to report on and analyze registration and financial data collected in our service.  We provide a robust set of registration and financial reports, an ad hoc reporting tool, and the ability to export data so that you can create your own reports.

Financial Reports

Financial reports organize the data strictly from a financial point of view.  Because you can tag each online commerce transaction with a financial account, typically from the chart of accounts from your General Ledger, you can report and summarize online revenue in a way that matches your existing financial reporting structure.  For instance, revenue collected from a donations can be allocated to a different financial account the monies collected for store purchases.  As such, you can easily keep track of your revenue sources and post as needed to your General Ledger and other financial systems.  Access to the Financial Reports can be restricted to your accounting and other finance staff.  Some of the financial reports include:

Discount ListAccount Balance Summary
Discount Report Membership Purchase Report
Purchase ReportRevenue Report
Sales DetailTransaction Summary By Account By Day
Payment SummaryTransaction Summary By Account For Date Range 
Products Ordered Summary   Products Sold Summary

Registration Reports

Separate from the Financial Reports, the Registration Reports show summarized and detailed information about the registration and the registrants for events, programs and facilities reservations.  You can grant access to staff and volunteers to only run and view these reports, without the ability to create, modify or cancel events or registrations.  This access is typically granted to those that are responsible for running the event.  Some of the Registration Reports include: 

Attendee ListPayment and Attendee Summary
Event SummaryWaitlist Automatically Cleared
All RegistrationsRegistration Detail
Facilities ReservationsRegistrations by Month
Membership SummaryNew and Renewed Memberships
Program Registrants by MonthProgram Registrations by Month

Ad Hoc Reports 

In addition to the standard reports provided, Doubleknot also offers an Ad Hoc Reporting tool that allows you to create and distribute your own reports.  Start by exporting all registration details then pick and choose the fields you want, the sort order, filters and summarization required.  Once the report is complete, it can be saved so that you can run it again or it can become part of the standard reports for your organization.  

Exporting Data

If all of the above is still not enough, you can export all registrations and all data collected to a comma separated values (.csv) file, which is a common format easily importable to Excel, Access and all other report writing and database tools.  Export all the data or pick a subset by date range, registration or registrant only records.  Large data request can be run in the background and the file emailed to you so you can go on to the next task.  Doubleknot also offers Professional Services to help with reporting tasks.


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