Online Forms and Survey Builder

Gathering feedback from members and participants is an effective way to improve future programs and events and to make your constituents feel like their opinion is valued. Doubleknot’s online forms and survey creator helps organizations gather and analyze data directly from members, customers, event participants, and the public. And, you can use form and survey builder to create custom event and program registration forms to gather participant information and assign optional costs. 

Flexible and adaptable online forms and survey builder:

  • Design and email surveys to groups of users based on a database query.
  • Add custom questions and data collection fields to registrations and reservations.
  • Offer merchandise, optional add-ons or present a donation request by adding forms to events, facilities, and the overall checkout procedure.
  • Build a report of the results without technical knowledge.

Features of the online form and survey builder include:

  • Multiple Item and Field Types: You can create forms and surveys using a range of standard items including checkboxes, radio buttons, menus single- and multiple-line text fields, and dates. Doubleknot-specific items include cost display fields that allow customers to add optional items to the shopping cart, and support for creating custom elements depends depending on the registrant type. Design elements such as images, headers, and custom HTML are supported as well. Captcha verification is supported.  
  • Conditional Logic: Different information can be displayed based on the answers to previous questions.
  • Unlimited Fields and Unlimited Pages: Forms and surveys can contain as many or as few fields and pages as you need.
  • Notifications: When a survey is completed, interested parties can be informed by email.
  • Results Analysis: View a variety of reports online, or export survey data and results of queries. Learn more about Doubleknot's reporting and analytics software

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