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Online Merchandise Sales

Doubleknot's store is an online market place for merchandise offered by your organization. Customers can browse products by category or search to find products. Items selected are placed in a shopping cart that displays quantity, total purchase amount, with a link to view product details.  Discounts codes can be setup and used by your customers at checkout.  Options for product size, color, personalization, shipping methods and tax calculations give you control over the entire selling process.  

Store Setup

  • Products Setup: Set the product pricing, description and image, product variation surcharges, placement within the store pages, and product categorization.
  • Product Variations and Personalized Products: Product variations, such as size or color can be set by product and then selected by the shopper. Additionally, products that need to be personalized (such as a shirt with a name on it or a personalized patch) can be configured to display a field for the shopper to provide data.
  • Store Categories: Used to create and maintain a list of product categories.
  • Manage Shipment Options: Set shipping/handling options and prices, as well as tax calculations.
  • Discounts: Promote special pricing based on coupon codes, dates and other criteria.

Store Front

  • Store Home: The home page displays the featured products, category selection and rotates selected products across the top banner.
  • Search Product Catalog: Search or simply browse the product catalog by product category, hot deals, new items, or a variety of advanced search options. 
  • Order Checkout: Buy the products in the shopping cart by providing billing, shipping and credit card data. The purchaser has the ability to ship the order to another address, select alternate shipping methods and enter a discount code.

Order Fulfillment

  • Manage Orders: Fill orders and ship partial orders with real time payment processing.  Also allows for cancellations and crediting of orders.
  • Track Orders: Administrators and entitled users can track and cancel orders via order listing and order detail pages.
  • Reports: Report of open, fulfilled and pending orders can be displayed.  Click through from open orders to fulfillment pages.

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