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Increase Membership Sales with Doubleknot's Powerful Membership Software

One of the keys to increasing the fundraising capabilities of your organization is to expand its membership. Doubleknot's membership software can take advantage of various opportunities and avenues to drive membership sales. The existing membership often holds the best leads for additional revenue opportunities, as members are likely to attend events, purchase merchandise and contribute to fundraisers. One of the keys to increasing revenue of your organization is to expand its membership. Doubleknot's membership management software can take advantage of various opportunities and avenues to drive your membership sales higher.

Our membership software creates online processes to sell memberships to potential members and renewals to existing ones.  It includes the ability to collect additional data such as family member names, business name, special needs and more. Using our software, your organization can mine member-provided information for leads and their email addresses, increasing the opportunity for membership sales. The software can then send targeted marketing information to potential clients who may be interested in your organization.

Membership expansion must also work in conjunction with member retention for a positive gain in your organization's base. Our software can conveniently tell when the renewal deadline is approaching and automatically send the appropriate customized requests to keep your members' support.

Our software also supports a hierarchy of membership levels for consistent application of upgrade and downgrade renewal rules. Our membership management solutions can create and manage groups according to their status. Renewal rules and entitlements, as well as member groups and permissions, can be easily configured so that the software handles their enforcement automatically.

Our membership software also supports gift membership sales & renewals. Giving your members the ability to purchase and then gift the membership to another expands both your reach and your revenue.

Additional features include:

  • Membership Profiles: Define profiles with an unlimited number of attributes. Attributes can be viewed & updated by the member, viewed only or hidden from the member. Online sales automatically creates a member profile with all data collected during the sale.
  • Member Entitlements: Entitlements give members preferred access to sign up for events or to receive discounts based on their membership level. For instance, memberships placed in a shopping cart of pending purchases of events and merchandise can automatically trigger all applicable discounts.
  • Custom Welcome Letter: A personalized email Welcome Letter can be automatically sent after a customer signs up for a membership.

Whether you're a zoo, religious organization, or a non-profit advocacy, our membership software can help you increase membership sales and raise other revenue for the organization.

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