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Doubleknot Simplifies Event Management and Registration

Doubleknot’s event management and registration software offers an easy and flexible method to create and manage online event registrations for your organization.  Doubleknot not only handles simple events but the most sophisticated and complex ones as well. Registration, ticketing, discounting, capacity control, and attendance tracking are among the many features. Doubleknot will be able to support your organization for years to come.

Our tool provides flexibility to manage all types of events such as:

  • Program Events
  • Recurring, Multi-Day and Multi-Part Events
  • Training Events
  • Fundraising Events
  • Events with Activity Selection and Sign Up

Event management through Doubleknot allows you to develop sophisticated online event registrations.  You can set the requirements for the maximum and minimum number of guests, as well as provide maps, photos, and even an event description in order to ensure that the registration process is as thorough and professional as possible.

  • Registration Search. Search for a specific registration across all your events by attendee name, registration or payment number, date range, or event name.  Found registrations can be modified or deleted and payment adjustments can be posted.  With the click of a button, an updated email can be sent notifying the registrant of the financial adjustment.
  • Capacity & Waitlist Management. Capacity per registration and overall capacity can be set along with optional waitlist capacity.  Waitlists clear automatically as space becomes available.  Administrators can override capacity and waitlist priority.
  • Attendee Management & Communications. Throughout the registration process the attendee list is used to track registered attendees and communicate event updates.  Event attendees' emails are kept in a special email list that can be used to send notices about future events that include invitations to sign up.
  • Event Categories. This allows you to create and maintain categories to which events and program activities can be assigned.  Links to a listing of all events for a category can be maintained and placed on the website, sent via email, or subscribed to using industry standard RSS protocol.

Doubleknot’s offerings in the area of event registration software are best of breed, as we give you the option of creating an event registration for your organization that can be either very detailed or relatively simple.  Furthermore, more than fifty event configuration settings are available with our software, so Doubleknot can establish a configuration that best meets the needs of your organization.

Some of the features of the Event Registration tool include:

  • Event Configuration Options. With over 50 event settings, Doubleknot can support all your registration requirements.  Event registration steps can be as simple or as detailed as you need.  Administrators simply fill in the blanks or select from a drop down list to enable different event prices, min and max attendees, begin and end dates, registrant types, cancellation policies and more.
  • Registration Forms. The forms feature allows you to create custom data collection fields and pages for your event.  Conditional logic in the form allows you to collect data based on registrant type or answers given to prior questions.  Answers to these questions can add money to or subtract money from the standard cost of the event.  Forms are used for collecting addition information such as member preferences, special needs, additional services and merchandise.
  • Confirmation Email. A confirmation email is automatically sent to the registrant.  Copies of the email can optionally be sent to organization administrators.  Registrants emails are stored in an event-specific email list that can used for future communications regarding the event.
  • Event Search. Have your constituents search across all your events and programs by category, keyword or a date range. The search results display a "Register Now" link for each event that is still open and below capacity.

In addition, your attendees will enjoy the opportunity to include their own preferences or special needs during the registration process on Doubleknot’s event registration software.  Administrators can track and report on funds received from multiple events, and revenue reports can be created and sorted by day, by date range, or by revenue.

  • Online Payment with Credit Card, Check or PayPal. Configure any event for easy and secure payment by credit card, debit card, electronic check, or PayPal Express Checkout with our event registration software.
  • Offline Payment. Configure any event to allow your constituents to register online but mail in payment or pay at the door. This allows you to immediately collect registration info but defer the collection of payment to the time of the event.
  • Revenue Allocation. Administrators can create revenue accounts to track and report on funds received online from all your different events.  Revenue reports can be summarized by day or date range, and by revenue category.
  • Payment Schedules. Create payment schedules that allow members to pay for an event over time. You can set amounts for both the initial payment and all subsequent payment dates.  Early discounts and late fees can be applied based on when payment is received.

Whether you prefer your attendees pay at the door or reserve their spot online, or whether you require payment through a credit or debit card, an electronic check, or PayPal, it is all possible with event scheduling software from Doubleknot.  You can even create a payment schedule to allow your guests to pay for an event over time.  In addition, with our event management and registration software, you can track all of this data any time.  Our goal is to make your event management task easier than ever before so that you can spend your time actually doing the fun stuff, like picking out the food and the entertainment that will make this year’s event like no other.

All registration and registrant data can be easily accessed online as well as stored on your computer as an Excel spreadsheet.  Dozens of pre-configured reports come standard with the service for the purpose of reporting and analyzing the registration data and communicating with event organizers.  For more information on Doubleknot’s event registration software – the leading software in the event management industry – browse our website or contact us today.

Print-at-Home Ticketing

Doubleknot provides online ticket sales software that help you streamline your ticketing process to increase efficiency and sales. Our Ticketing and Event Admissions product features print-at-home and mobile ticketing, ticket personalization, name badges and scanning/check in from an iPhone, iPad or camera-enabled PC.

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