Email Marketing

Doubleknot's Constituent Communications tools bring a new level of results to your everyday email marketing and electronic communications tasks. Template-based newsletters through our email marketing software can be used for donation appeals, event announcements, and other types of promotions, reducing your cost to reach donors, event participants, volunteers and others that want to support your cause (click here to download 1-page overview).

Email Broadcasts

  • Email Addressing: Our email marketing tools can be used to create and send messages to the entire organization, individuals, groups within the organization, all participants of an event or fundraiser, or to those that are a result of a saved query from the membership database. Emails can also be addressed in several of these ways at once and the system will recognize duplicates and sends only one email.
  • Email Scheduling: Email and reminders can be sent immediately or easily scheduled for future delivery with our email management software. Schedule in advance and never miss a transmission. A useful feature is the ability to schedule an email when you setup an event that is addressed to all event participants. At the time of transmission, all registrants up to that point are notified.
  • Collect Feedback: Design surveys using our Forms & Survey Builder, and email it to groups of users in order to collect feedback.
  • Newsletters: With our email marketing software, you can send out newsletters from one of our designs, or create your own in our Newsletter Designer.

Email Lists (e-lists)

  • Create and Administer E-lists: Administrators are able to create an unlimited number of email lists. E-lists are used to control email distribution of content. Organizations can use e-lists to allow interested parties to sign up for topics of interest such as a quarterly Newsletter.
  • Email List Management: Upload existing lists, ask people to signup on your website, and mine the data from your registration history to create targeted lists that have a high response rate.
  • Control Enrollment, Email Broadcast and Access: Control over who can signup for a list is under the total control of the organizations administrator. Signup control can be limited to the administrator, registered members of the organization, or the administrator can elect to allow members and other to sign themselves up.
  • Filter the E-list: Define criteria to be used to select a subset of the addresses for the email. For example, send the email only to recipients in a particular zip code. The system will filter out all other addresses and only those recipients that meet the criteria will receive the email.

Newsletter Designer

  • Create Newsletters: Email marketing tools include the ability to create newsletters, donation appeals, and announcements that contain text and graphics. Start with one of our designs or create your own!
  • Newsletter Broadcast: Once a newsletter is created it can be sent to all members of the organization or to those on specified e-list(s) via our email list management.
  • Cross Organization Publishing: If the administrator has the appropriate privileges, they may post a newsletter to more than one organization under their control. This feature is useful for organizations that want to publish their newsletters subsets of their organization.

Track & Report

  • Metrics and Analytics: Analyze how many recipients read the email, the time of day, the number of clicks for a links embedded in the email, and the clicked links by unique individuals.
  • Returned Messages Report: Contains a list of all email messages that were unable to be delivered. Gives the administrator the option to delete or modify the email address.
  • Usage Report: Used to report the number of emails sent over a date range.
  • Pending Messages Report: Displays pending and in-progress email messages.

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