eCard Software

Doubleknot’s eCards (electronic greeting cards) are an environmentally friendly way to increase your organization's visibility and community support. eCards make it easy for people share information about your cause, programs or events; to let someone know that a donation has been made on their behalf; or to recognize volunteers, members, and donors.

Flexible and adaptable eCard software:

  • Customize eCards with personalized designs and message.
  • eCards can be sent from your organization to a donor; from donors to the recipient of a tribute donation; or from donors or visitors to anyone they choose.
  • eCards can be assigned to an online fundraising campaign to drive donations.

eCard features include:

  • Personalized Messages: eCards can include personalized messages to recipients.
  • Auto-send: eCards can be automatically sent to donors or to honorees when a donation is made as a gift, memorial, or tribute to others.
  • Spread the Word: Add links in an eCard to your web site, donation page, or event registration page to spread the word and acquire new supporters.

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