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Doubleknot Online Donation Solutions

With every subscription offered by Doubleknot, you receive complimentary online donation capabilities. It is essential for any organization to raise money by using fundraising software that best manages and keeps track of specifics in proceeds through data collection that is accessible, reliably succinct, and trustworthy. Donations can be easily orchestrated and managed using our online donation software.

Creating a simple "Donate Now" page is simple and easy. In addition, you can coordinate online giving through the use of our targeted email communications that tap into resources that have demonstrated an interest in a specific past initiative or event. Our donations provide the flexibility to capture add-on information specific to the campaign helps maximize revenue for the organization and makes sure donors are able to contribute to their individual cause of choice. Contributions are also available as "In Memory Of" or as online gifts. The donation software offered by Doubleknot is designed specifically to ensure that funds are confidentially received and managed with the kind of assurance that contributors can rely upon.

Automatic recurring payment processing - in either monthly or quarterly installments - makes it even easier for donors to ensure their funds are reaching the desired recipients in a timely and reliable fashion.

Our online donation software, fundraising software, and donation software features have a number of benefits that can raise awareness of a specific initiative, as well as keep the fundraising guidelines and contributive efforts of an ongoing cause running reliably. With our donation features, you can expect:

  • Automated email receipts
  • Customized receipt messages
  • Donor tracking via our Membership Management tool
  • Automatic donor email lists for future communications
  • Email notification to staff and volunteer leaders of donations made
  • Additional data collection field for donor preferences or tribute messages
  • One-time and recurring donations

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