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Content Management

Manage your entire website and easily update information and graphics with Doubleknot's Content Management software, Site Brander.  Knowledge of HTML is NOT a requirement to effectively utilize the software.  Office staff can be designated as content contributors or content publishers allowing you to distribute the site management tasks while maintaining control over final site content. 

Site Brander Features

Site Brander allows you to create and manage all aspects of your web site including headers, footers, styles, menus, site pages, external links and access to protected features such a the board of directors meeting notes.  The website management solution features:

  • HTML Editor: Make updates to site pages easily with the ability to:
    • Spell Check
    • Add external links
    • Add Doubleknot links
    • Copy/paste from Word
    • Upload and insert images
    • Insert RSS feed
    • Embed a YouTube video
    • Insert and manage tables
    • Insert Flash files
  • Create a New Page: Create customized site pages, menus that open URL links, or menus with no content.
  • Edit Navigation and other Site Content: Create new pages, links and menus, as well as associate internal and external URLs to the links. You can also link organizational library documents, newsletters, events, photo albums, other Site Brander pages or features.
  • Edit or Create Draft Pages: Create a draft version of an item or edit the draft version if you have appropriate rights.
  • Draft Editor: Users with Draft Editor privileges may edit pages only. The pages are then placed into a Draft Pending status and await approval by an administrator who is entitled to update the site.
  • Approve or Delete a Draft Page: Approve or delete items that are currently in Draft Pending status
  • Restrict Access to an Item: Establish restrictions for a custom page or link. Restrict access to one or more groups within the organization.

Site Maintenance Features

Our content management software makes it easier for you to manage your site's files, templates, and configuration parameters for the site. The system allows you to:

  • Upload and Delete Files: Upload or delete control files, images and include files for the website.
  • Clean up Files Not Used: Delete any files that are not currently being used.
  • Manage Templates: Templates can be used for custom pages to allow a user to easily create pages that adhere to your standards.
  • Configuration Parameters: Customize the way menus appear and several other advanced features of how the site is displayed.
  • Backup Files to Zip File: Backup all Site Brander files to a zip file. Once the zip file is created, you can download it to your local workstation for additional backup purposes.

Other Content Features

  • Branded to a Specific Organization: The system allows each organization to have its own branding on the site; from the home page to the heading that appears at the top of each screen. There is little (if any) reference to Doubleknot on any page.
  • Online Calendar: Displays all of the organization's events in a grid or list calendar view.  For each event that is still open and below capacity, a link to register & pay appears.
  • Document Management: You can use the content management software to upload any document into one or more folders for user viewing. When uploading a document the administrator may optionally enter effective dates which are used to control when and for how long a document will be viewable. Access to documents may be given to the general public, one or more organizations or specific groups within one or more organizations.
  • Bulletin Boards: Create an unlimited number of bulletin boards. Access to bulletin boards may be limited to multiple organizations, a single organization or specific groups within one or more organizations.
  • Photo Albums: Create photo albums and upload an unlimited number of photographs. Access to a photo album may be restricted to the members of an organization or made public.
  • Delegated Administration: Administration of all or some features may be delegated to one or more members of an organization. For example, you can have the treasurer responsible for accounts while assigning different members for managing the calendar and events anoand membership.
  • User Specific Access Control Privileges: Access privileges to each part of content management software may be controlled at the member level.
  • Support for Multiple Organizations: In the case where an administrator is responsible for administrating more than one organization, they may manage all their organizations using the same user ID and password.

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