"Doubleknot flexibility allows us to adapt the request to each campaign, and the integrated checkout donation request has increased our giving" - Houston Zoo

Fundraising and Donations

Because every nonprofit’s mission is unique, your organization's approach to fundraising is unique as well—your fundraising software must flexible and adaptable to meet your exact needs.

Doubleknot helps nonprofits with integrated fundraising solutions to recruit, engage, and retain donors through multiple channels and marketing campaigns. With Doubleknot, you can:

  • Integrate a “Donate Now” campaign throughout your web site in minutes.
  • Present a donation request at the beginning of the checkout process for every purchase or registration.
  • Increase online giving through targeted email to people who donated previously or demonstrated interest in past initiatives and events.
  • Support recurring payments for monthly or quarterly donations.
  • Gain financial support through additional channels including online merchandise sales and eCards.

And, Doubleknot's professional services team is with you every step of the way to help you plan, configure, and manage your online fundraising. 

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