Learning for Life and Exploring Program "Hall of Fame"

Officer Derrick Lemmie, Citywide Exploring coordinator, was presented the Spurgeon Award during the Distinguished Citizens Dinner celebration.  Officer Lemmie is an outstanding role model and leader in community service and leadership development. He has been with the Milwaukee Police Department for over 23 years, beginning his career as a Police Aide in 1990.
Since being promoted to Police Officer in 1992, Officer Lemmie has worked in several capacities at various locations within the department. This includes squad patrol, bicycle patrol, undercover and plainclothes investigation, crime prevention and community relations as a Community Liaison Officer at Districts 3, 4, 6 and 7.
Officer Lemmie was first involved with Exploring as an Associate Advisor for MPD Post 883. It was this experience and exposure to the program, which gave a focal point to his passion and desire to help cultivate and mentor the youth of Milwaukee. A few short years later, he enthusiastically assumed the role and responsibilities of Post Advisor. In this role, Officer Lemmie maintained a major emphasis on community exposure, community partnership and community service for the youth involved with the Exploring program. He also took his role as mentor seriously, doing everything he could to help guide and support his Explorers and to support the efforts and guidance of their parents as well. It was this dedication to youth and commitment to Exploring, which Milwaukee Police Department command staff noticed. In January 2013, Officer Lemmie was appointed to the position of Citywide Coordinator for MPD’s Exploring Program and assigned to the Office of Community Outreach & Education to carry out the duties of this position.  Since his new role as city-wide coordinator, Officer Lemmie hit the ground running with a desire to expand the Exploring program in other Districts to ensure that every youth who dreams of becoming a law enforcement officer will have the unique opportunity of doing so, by joining an Explorer Post throughout the city of Milwaukee.
Besides preparing youth for careers in law enforcement, or whatever life path may take, a major focus of the Milwaukee Police Explorers program is volunteerism and community involvement. Officer Lemmie feels it is vital for them to know what it feels like and understand the need to partner with and/or do things for someone other than themselves. The Explorering program does this by participating in a variety of events that involve projects such as: crime prevention, community outreach and youth mentoring. Some of these events included, but are not limited to: neighborhood, Earth Day or Faith-based clean-ups, backpack and school supply giveaways, charity walk/runs, National Night Out events, McGruff the Crime Dog appearances, Neighborhood block parties, the “Annual Christmas Family Feast” and outreach for the homeless.
William H. Spurgeon III Award is the highest recognition for individuals and organizations contributing significant leadership to the Exploring program.
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