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Friday's Doubleknot News - Vol. 161

NEW FEATURE: Enhanced Adjust Balance Page
The Adjust Balance page now allows you to apply payments, refunds, and other debits or credits to specific items on the order. For example, if a customer registered for two events that are several months apart and they make a payment that only covers the amount due for the first event, you will be able to apply the payment directly to the first event so that the customer meets their obligations and doesn’t incur any late fees. 
Please note that after an administrator enters a new registration, reservation or purchase on behalf of a customer, the Adjust Balance page is always displayed so that you can apply offline payments or make any other adjustments to the balance due. If you don’t need to adjust the balance after entering the registration, simply click Done to exit the page. 
For detailed information about the new Adjust Balance page, click here to read the Adjusting the Balance of a Registration or Store Order user brief. This document is also available on the User Manuals page accessed at the bottom of the Feature List.
NEW DOCUMENTATION: Working with Forms and Surveys
As part of our ongoing effort to improve customer support, we are pleased to announce that the Working With Forms and Surveys user guide is now available. Forms and surveys make it possible to gauge interest in new initiatives, identify members who are willing to take on new or expanded volunteer roles, provide a polling mechanism, and more.
Click here to download the Working With Forms and Surveys user guide. Please note that the document has advanced navigational features that will work best if you download the PDF to your computer instead of viewing it in your browser.
BEST PRACTICE: Changing the Owner of a Registration 
At times, you may need to change the owner of a registration to a different person. For example, if a troop leader registered a group for camp but a new troop leader is now responsible for the group, you’ll want to change the registration owner to the new troop leader. 
Before you can assign a new registration owner, you must be sure that the new registration owner has a member profile. In Member Management, use Search, Display & Modify Members to make sure that the new registration owner has a profile. If they don’t, use New Member to create a member profile for the new registration owner.  
To assign a new owner to a registration, follow these steps:
  1. Locate the registration using Registration Search or by clicking Manage Registrations on the Manage a Calendar Activity page or the Manage a Program Session page.
  2. In the Action column at the right, click View Detail. The View Details page for that registration will be displayed.
  3. In the Purchased By section, click Reassign Purchaser. The Search and Select Owner page will be displayed.
  4. In the First Name and/or Last Name fields, enter information to locate the new registration owner’s profile.
  5. Click Search. A list of members matching your search criteria will be displayed.
  6. Locate the new registration owner, and click Select. The View Details page will be displayed and the new registration owner will be listed as the purchaser.
Please note that this procedure only changes the registration owner and does not change registrant information. If the previous registration owner is registered for the event and the new registration owner will be attending in their place, you must edit the registration itself to remove the old registration owner and add the new registration owner as the registrant.  

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