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Welcome to the Internet Advancement Page

Ever wonder why the Council’s advancement records don’t match your unit records?

The Council enters the information off the Advancement Form your unit turns in when you purchase advancement items from the Scout Store. Many times, this is filled out right at the counter and the volunteer filling out the form sometimes “estimates” the day a boy earned an award. That estimate then gets entered as the official date in the Council’s records.

Sometimes these “estimates” create problems for young men working on their Eagle Scout rank.

The solution? Use the new BSA Internet Advancement System! Then all records of the Council will be accurate because you enter them yourself!

To use this system, your unit will need to set-up an account. To do that the first time, you will need an ID number you can obtain from your District Executive.

To access Internet Advancement Help Documentation, click HELP

To access Internet Advancement, click INTERNET ADVANCEMENT

This service costs the Los Padres Council several thousand dollars each year and is paid by your Friends of Scouting donations.

THANK YOU for your support!