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Scouting Arizona - September 2008
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Before We Put Scouting's Values into Youth, We Have to Put Youth into Scouting!
Troop for Boys at Correctional Facility - Positive Steps for Their Futures
2nd Annual Sporting Clays BSA Invitational / Gala Party at Land Rover Scottsdale
National BSA Endowment Art Tour with Capital Campaign Victory Party
BUILDING NEW FUTURES Luncheon, Oct. 30th, 12-1:30 pm, Biltmore
Sporting Clays Invitational Auctions - Online, Silent, or Live!
Boy Scouts of America, Report To The State of Arizona 2008
Grand Canyon Council Alumni Association

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 Before We Put Scouting's Values into Youth, We Have to Put Youth into Scouting!

Scouts of the New Tonopah Pack at the Cub Scout Day Camp

We have a strong tradition of quality service to the youth in our council and we can be proud of our accomplishments. But have we reached every boy or young person who could and should be in Scouting?

The Challenge for our Future: Getting kids into Scouting!
As adult leaders of Scouting and its membership, we care about each youth. Our current and past actions represent us well as very caring. We served 57,908 young people in 2007.

Yet another 450,000 young people could be served.

While we are realistic enough to understand that not all of these youth are available to join Scouting, we know that certainly, many are. So we cannot miss the opportunity to provide Scouting programs that invite these youth to be part of our great movement.

Indeed we must see that every program is about membership, serving those currently active, those who have dropped out, and/or have not previously been invited to be part of Scouting.

Just as The Unknown Scout did a good turn that inspired William D. Boyce to bring Scouting to millions of America’s young people, we need to renew our commitment to bring the values of Scouting to the un-served youth who we have responsibility for.

At the Grand Canyon Council, we emphasize:
-  quality and smart growth;
-  volunteer empowerment; and
-  delivering the promise, one child at a time.

Getting kids into Scouting will follow.

Why do we do it?
-  Satisfaction comes from pursuing a mission of reaching and growing youth through Scouting – miracles you see every day in the lives of young people.
-  Every boy deserves an opportunity to experience Scouting.

How do we do it?
-  Start new units: Reach out to new neighborhoods where Scouting has little or no presence. This is where a bunch of boys can be the first in their families to be Scouts.
-  Visit every elementary and middle school, and give every boy the chance to learn about Scouting through fliers, posters and boy talks during non-instructional times like lunch and recess.
-  Use time-tested tools, like 25 Ways to Promote and Recruit Cub Scouts and Leaders.
-  Work with our staff. Your local District Executive is your one stop for everything to do with getting kids into Scouting. If you need assistance, please call (602) 955-7747.  

Smart growth means striving to get existing units fully staffed – well serviced by Scouting volunteers and professional Scouters, and delivering the absolute best program possible to members before more units are started. 

 Troop for Boys at Correctional Facility - Positive Steps for Their Futures

Nancy G. Welton
Troop 4

When Nancy Welton, with her family’s support, accepted the position of Scoutmaster for Troop 4, at Adobe Mountain School, a state correctional facility for boys, she knew she wanted to give it her full commitment. Scoutmaster Welton has now been leading Troop 4 for over a year – one of the first, pioneering traditional Boy Scout troops “behind bars” in the U.S.

Overlapping with boys’ terms in the correctional facility and jockeying with occasional other, required activities, Troop 4 has had 37 members during this year and regularly has 12-15 youth at meetings, which occur on 3 or 4 Saturdays per month, with no summer break. The boys participate in traditional Scouting activities. They have begun acting as role models for other youth within the facility.

To date, the boys have completed requirements for merit badges in leather working, art, bird study, and swimming, and have also learned basic Scouting skills – flag ceremonies, citizenship, knot-tying and more. Currently, Troop 4 is working on requirements for the Tenderfoot Rank.

As a special highlight, this summer four eligible Troop 4 Scouts were selected to attend day camp for four days (considered “one week” at the camp), 8 hours per day, at the Council’s Lake Pleasant Aquatics and Nature Camp, with a facility security team accompanying (and outstandingly supporting the camp program). There, each of the four young men earned four merit badges, participated in the closing flag ceremony and set a good example for younger Scouts, representing their troop and school well. Their special furlough provides incentive to other troop members, and attracts other youth at the secure facility to join the troop.

On release, Adobe Mountain School youth are welcome to join other troops to continue their involvement in Scouting. Another troop, also in the Thunderbird District, has extended a welcome to any Scout from Troop 4 released from Adobe Mountain School.

Generally coming from low-income families with problems, the boys arrive at Adobe Mountain School after all other court-ordered programs have failed to assist them from repeating the same mistakes. Approximately 40% of Troop 4 Scouts qualify for Special Education, indicating psychological, emotional and behavioral problems. Generally, the boys have not had many experiences that Boy Scouts provides, such as boating, camping, group projects or other structured learning opportunities.

In the words of Ms. Katie Lowy, Special Education teacher, Adobe Mountain School, and Troop 4 volunteer, Troop 4’s young men are “the state’s most challenging boys” at “their last stop”. She stated that seeing these youth, “with their gang tattoos”, yet “so excited to participate in Boy Scout meetings,” and to practice Scout skills and handicrafts, such as leatherwork and knot-tying is to witness very positive growth. Read Adobe Mountain School Special Ed teacher Katie Lowy’s commendation of Scoutmaster Welton.

Many troops, Western Region BSA, and other organizations have supported Troop 4 with donations, grants and endorsements. Catholic Diocese Bishop Thomas Olmsted sent encouraging words of endorsement to Nancy about the BSA troop activities behind bars program, stating, “This is indeed good news. Please extend my thanks and congratulations to the Scout leaders responsible for this wonderful event. God bless, Bishop Olmsted”

Nancy’s work has already inspired other similar programs by representing BSA’s values in a juvenile correctional setting, to other troops both within the Council and outside the state, and to other nonprofit organizations serving youth. Currently, two other BSA traditional unit programs are in the set-up stages with other nonprofit youth service organizations in the Valley.

For her dedicated work as Scoutmaster of Troop 4, Nancy Welton is being recognized with National BSA’s Whitney M. Young Service Award, honoring an individual’s development and implementation of Scouting opportunities for “all youth, regardless of race, religion, economic background, or creed”, in fulfillment of Dr. Young’s dream of justice and equality for all.

Scoutmaster Nancy Welton describes her service work as a faith response to the corporal work of mercy to “visit the imprisoned”, and as a charitable action towards her neighbors, reflecting a great sense of God’s love for all.

Nancy remarked that her “drive, initiative, and willingness to serve as Scoutmaster for incarcerated youth” was a result of having been a Wood Badge participant and Wood Badge Troop Guide. “My experiences with Wood Badge taught me to reach beyond any self-imposed limitations when it comes to serving youth. Wood Badge gave me the confidence, initiative and desire to serve others more in a servant-leader fashion,” she said.

“My first Course Director was Ray Vila, a highly charismatic Scouter who provided great insight into the service of youth and others. My second Course Director when I was a Troop Guide was George Keene, an exemplary Scouter with a vision so broad…, keen insight and dedication to the scouting movement, [which] affected me deeply. Both these men taught me to dig a little deeper to ‘leave a legacy’. Troop 4 is one avenue to do just that,” she stated.

Nancy says that she appreciates the boys, even with their behavioral and psychological difficulties. The boys appreciate the privilege of being a part of Troop 4 – only selected youth are approved by the superintendent for this program. Nancy appreciates the privilege of serving the boys, of growing and learning from them, and of stepping into new personal challenges herself.


Additional building initiatives are moving forward this fall, after several major construction projects at our properties were completed this last spring.

We are in process of taking the Vogel Nature Center from preliminary design concept to final design. This entails input from all stakeholders – donors, the Council Properties Committee, and of course, architectural and engineering. We hope to break ground on this project early next spring.

Several buildings still need re-roofing, planned for next spring as monies become available. Those buildings are the Carson Leadership Center, Carson Annex, East Camp Sleeping Cabins (7), Sodexo Cabin, Commissioner Duplex and Greeting A-frame.

For the two restroom/shower complexes needed at east and west camp, we have preliminary drawings, and are in need of funding.

A large Phoenix firm has agreed to fund a new kitchen/dining facility at Camp Raymond. Plans are moving forward with our architectural firm to take the kitchen plans nearing completion, and blend them into a final design. We plan to incorporate, in the building design, native Malapais stone into the fireplace; Wainscot on the building sides; and the few Ponderosa pines that must be removed from the building site.

The camp water system is being rebuilt from the well house to storage tank, with an engineered 4” line and 2” lateral lines to existing campsites and buildings, planned to be begun mid-September 2008.

Camp Raymond will have 13 new campsite restrooms installed spring 2009. The vaults are already on site, and the buildings will be delivered by year’s-end 2008.

Engineering work is being completed on Camp Raymond Lake - not operational for over 15 years. Restoring Camp Raymond Lake will greatly enhance program and Merit Badge opportunities for our Scouts. We hope to have the lake ready for the 2009 camp season.

The water system started last year will be finished this fall, giving the camp a completed “backbone” water system for campers and staff and increasing our ability at fire suppression with new hydrants.

R-C Scout Ranch will also have 8 new campsite restrooms installed spring 2009. Like Camp Raymond, these are being constructed this fall for spring installation.

Additional camp kitchen equipment and flooring is to be completed this coming spring.

A number of smaller projects are in process for Heard Pueblo. This facility was renovated a few short years ago and is in very good condition. Plans are in place to build a new COPE course on the east side of camp. COPE is an outdoor high ropes course, along with a low course which instills teamwork and confidence in participants.

While Maricopa County Parks & Recreation owns this facility, we have an extensive boating program there each summer. While most of the equipment was donated by the Arizona Sailing Association, we have a substantial memorial gift from friends and family of Fred Osgood to purchase small boating equipment, to be available for the 2009 camp season.

 2nd Annual Sporting Clays BSA Invitational / Gala Party at Land Rover Scottsdale


The 2nd Annual Sporting Clays BSA Invitational will be held Saturday, October 11, 2008, at the Ben Avery Clay Target Center in north Phoenix (Enter off Carefree Hwy., about 1/2 mile west of I-17).

The Sporting Clays Invitational networks the Valley’s top CEO’s, companies, and community leaders, while providing marketing opportunities for businesses to a new circle of customers – Arizona’s Scouting youth and their parents. All this, at two unique, stimulating social and skill-challenging events, forming the most thrilling weekend of the season!

The Sporting Clays Invitational will be preceded the night before by a Gala Sponsor Party & Auction, Friday, October 10th, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., at Land Rover North Scottsdale. As part of the Gala, an exciting 2-part auction – Silent & Live – will help raise funds for Boy Scouts programs.

The Gala’s celebrity Mistress of Ceremonies is Robin Sewell, of Arizona Highways Television.

All proceeds from The Sporting Clays Invitational will be used to provide Scouting’s character education programs to Arizona’s youth.

Sporting Clays Invitational sponsors include: Snell & Wilmer, APS, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Cabela’s, Safari Club International, Land Rover North Scottsdale, Texas Roadhouse, Campbell Fisher Design, and Arizona Game & Fish.

To Attend The 2nd Annual Sporting Clays Invitational –                                                                        
Sporting Clays and/or Friday evening’s Gala Sponsor Party & Auction                        

To Market your company at The 2nd Annual Sporting Clays Invitational                                                

To Support The 2nd Annual Sporting Clays Invitational & Boy Scouts of America through a donation     

Contact: Michael Vangelov, Sporting Clays Advisor, (602) 955-7747, Ext. 256,


 National BSA Endowment Art Tour with Capital Campaign Victory Party
Thursday, November 6, 2008
4:30-8:00 p.m.

2301 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Gaze upon inspiring, traditional, famous Boy Scout Art

Original Paintings
Norman Rockwell & Joseph Csatari,
on loan from
The National Scouting Museum,
The Official Museum of the Boy Scouts of America

Join us for an evening filled with
Scout Spirit
Stirring Formal Presentations
Fabulous Hors d’oeuvres

4:30-5:30 p.m.  Free Estate Preservation Session
5:30-6:00 p.m.  Scouting Reception 
6:00-8:00 p.m.  
Endowment & Capital Donor Honors Program

Contact Derek Bechtel, Director of Development
602-955-7747, Ext. 248 or 


2301 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Friday, November 7, 2008
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

 BUILDING NEW FUTURES Luncheon, Oct. 30th, 12-1:30 pm, Biltmore

October 30, 2008
12:00-1:30 p.m.

Arizona Biltmore Resort And Spa

2400 E. Missouri Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85016

Event Honoree  Sharon Harper, President & CEO, The Plaza Companies 
Event Chair       Tom Lewis, T.W. Lewis Company 

* Our annual event honoring a local building industry leader 
with the “Good Scout Award” in a roast and tribute program

* Fundraising supports Scouting program expansion 

* Past “Good Scout Award” honorees include Ross Farnsworth, John Ogden, John Graham, Tom Lewis

Sponsorships   $250 Ticket * $2,500 Silver * $5,000 Gold * $7,500 Platinum * 10,000 Chair/Co-Chair

Contact Derek Bechtel, Director of Development, 602-955-7747, Ext. 248, 

 Sporting Clays Invitational Auctions - Online, Silent, or Live!


Scouting’s O.A.T.H. (“Online Auction to Help”)
Scouting’s Online Auction To Help is our exciting online auction catalog
showcasing all auction items - online, silent and live
Scouting’s O.A.T.H. (Online Auction To Help)
Beginning October 4 and ending October 10th
Postings begin soon at

& Live / Silent Auction
Gala Sponsor Party & Live & Silent Auction
Friday, October 10th, 6:30 pm, Land Rover North Scottsdale
Tickets available at Click on Sporting Clays link

If you can’t participate in Scouting’s O.A.T.H., Silent or Live Auction 
and wish to donate items towards our auctions' success,
please contact Anthony Michael, (602) 778-7664,

 Boy Scouts of America, Report To The State of Arizona 2008

On June 2nd, Scouts and Scouters, representing the Catalina and Grand Canyon councils, visited Governor Janet Napolitano and key Arizona legislators to deliver the Boy Scouts of America Report To The State of Arizona, 2008.

Annually, the two Arizona Boy Scouts of America councils present the Governor, Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives and Arizona Senate President Pro Tempore with a special report of the councils’ recent year of activities, accomplishments and plans.

Present at the meetings were local Scouts and adult leaders from the Catalina Council, serving Tucson, and the Grand Canyon Council, based in Phoenix and serving most of the remainder of Arizona.

Governor Napolitano warmly welcomed the six Scouts and one Explorer, and seated them in her office’s circle of chairs. In turn, she talked personally to each Scout, asking about and listening to their interests, and encouraging them to finish their education and pursue their dreams.

The governor asked two of the boys about their medals. Among others, Catalina Council representatives included a Cub Scout recipient of the BSA Medal of Merit, for immediately seeing and reporting the danger when his younger brother ate another family member’s medicine.

Catalina Council was also represented by a Varsity Scout recipient of the BSA Honor Medal, for aiding his family members immediately after their car accident, running a mile to call for aid, barefoot and with his own leg injury, and finally aiding the others at the scene until 911 arrived.

Other Scout representatives attending included a Boy Scout from the Catalina Council; the Lodge Chief, Order of the Arrow, Wikipala Lodge, Grand Canyon Council; an Explorer, from the Prescott Police Department Explorer Post, Grand Canyon Council; and two members of the Soccer & Scouting programs – a Cub Scout and a Learning For Life member, from Loma Linda Elementary School, Grand Canyon Council.

Arizona House of Representatives Speaker of the House James P. Weiers met with the Arizona BSA entourage, conversing with them and showing them around his office.

Arizona Senate President Pro Tempore Robert Blendu talked with Scouts and thanked them for the Report To The State.

Accompanying the Scouts were Scout Executives Larry Abbott and Joe Daniszewski; Grand Canyon Council Board President Justice John Keegan, Justice of the Peace for Lake Pleasant Justice Court, former mayor of Peoria, and former Arizona representative; and Michael de los Santos, Grand Canyon Council West Area Field Director.

Justice Keegan gave the Scouts a tour of the state Capitol and Capitol museum, and they had a good time.

Governor Napolitano talks to a Cub Scout about his BSA Medal of Merit. Arizona Senate President Pro Tempore Robert Blendu, with BSA Council President Justice John Keegan, former Arizona state representative and Peoria mayor, welcomed the Scouts and Explorer, and showed them around the State Capitol. Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives James Weiers allowed the Scouts to try out his seat.


 Grand Canyon Council Alumni Association


Grand Canyon Council, BSA is proud to announce . . . 
            The 1st Scouting Alumni Association in the USA !!!

Remember those Boy Scout days of hiking, camping, tin foil meals, and campfires?

As our Alums, you are able to...
o    Reconnect                                                                                    
o    Keep informed on Scouting through monthly e-news or newsletters  
o    Enjoy opportunities to re-engage at the Unit, District, or Council level
o    Enjoy networking socials and events . . .Note: Some events are at camp!

Membership is FREE if you’ve ever been involved in Scouting

Register online at
Feel free to tell your friends about the Grand Canyon Council Alumni Association! Thanks!