Venture Awards Price List*
Item Discription Price
Venture Device $1.49
Bar Ranger Venture $8.99
Bar Ribbon $1.99
Venture Ranger Award $29.99
Venture Ranger Presentation Card $0.12
Venture Silver Award $28.35
Venture Silver Presentation Card $0.12
Venture Gold Award $14.99
Venture Gold Presentation Card $0.12
Venture Mentoring Pin $4.99
Venture Bronze Award $6.99
Venture Bronze Presentation Card $0.12
Venture Quest Award $10.35
Venture Quest Presentation Card $0.12
Venture Trust Award $10.49
Venture Trust Presentation Card $0.12
Kodiak Medal & Kodiak X $3.49-$3.99
Powderhorn Award $2.99
Powderhorn Pin $2.39
Kodiak Patches $1.59-$3.59
Venturing World Conservation emblem $1.89
Venturing World Conservation presentation card $0.15
National Youth Leadership Guide Card $0.79
National Youth Leadership emblem $4.19
Pin Vent USA Shooting $2.49
*This price list is for use to units and leaders.Prices subject to change.