Boy Scout Awards Price List*
Item Discription Price���
Merit Badges (all) $2.29
Merit Badge Presentation Card $0.12
Merit Badge Application (blue card) $0.10 each
Merit Badge Application 100pk (blue card) $6.99
Year Round Camping Emblem $5.00
Interpreter Strips $1.49-$1.59
Duty to God Emblem $3.00
Year of Celebration Emblem $1.99
Year of Celebration Ribbons (all) $0.39
Pins (Daniel C Beard, William D Boyce, Baden Powell leadership, James E West, Ernest T Seton, Woodbadge Tartan) $2.50
Good Turn for America $2.59
Segments for Good Turn for America $0.59
Physical Fitness Award emblem $2.69
Physical Fitness Award pin $2.99
Ready and Prep Silver emblem $4.79
Paddle Craft Aquatics emblem $1.49
Paddle Craft Aquatics presentation card $0.12
Swimming and Water Rescue emblem $1.49
Swimming and Water Rescue presentation card $0.12
Emblem Nights and Days 100, 250, 500 $4.49
Scout Activity Medal Bronze, Silver, Gold $3.49-$3.99
Patrol Patches (all) $1.99
Boy Scout Rank emblems (all) $1.59
Boy Scout Rank pins (all) $1.79-$3.69
Boy Scout Rank Parent Pins (all) $1.29-$3.89
Boy Scout Rank Presentation card $0.10
Eagle Palm (bronze, gold, silver) $1.29
Eagle Palm presentation card $0.12
Historic Trail leather emblem $4.49
Historic Trail emblem $2.59
50 miler award emblem $2.59
50 miler award leather emblem $4.49
TRAIL Boss emblem $4.79
Trek Safety emblem $4.79
Climb on Safely emblem $2.49
High Adventure emblems $2.59-$4.79
Emergency Prep pocket pamphlet $0.39
Emergency Prep pin $2.49
Leave no Trace emblem $4.59
Outdoor Code card $0.12
Paul Bunyan Woodsman Award emblem $1.39
Paul Bunyan Woodsman Award card $0.12
Firem'n chit emblem $1.49
Firem'n chit card $0.12
Totin chip emblem $1.49
Totin chip card $0.12
Donor Awareness emblem $2.59
Boy Scout World Conservation emblem $1.79
Boy Scout World Conservation presentation card $0.15
Pin Attendance and 1 year bar $2.75
Boardsailing BSA emblem $2.69
Scuba emblem $1.89
Scuba card $0.12
Kayaking emblem $1.79
Kayaking card $0.12
Lifeguard emblem $2.59
Lifeguard card $0.12
Aquatics Instructor emblem $2.59
BSA Mile Swim emblem $1.99
BSA Mile Swim card $0.10
BSA Snorkeling emblem $2.09
BSA Snorkeling card $0.10
Safe Swim Defense card $0.12
Safety Afloat card $0.10
Small Boat Handler Card $0.12
Knots (all) $1.59
Knot Devices $2.49-$2.99
District Award of Merit pin $5.99
Comm Arrowhead Honor $1.49
BSA emblem for jackets $2.49
Service Stars $1.29
Service Stars presentation card $0.12
Service Star backs (all colors) $1.69
Veteran bar emblem unit (all) $1.29
Centennial Quality patches (unit and boys life) $1.39
Trained strip $1.39
Recruiter strip $1.39
Retired strip $1.39
Pony Express Trail emblem $2.75
Pin Ember Gold $1.65
Heart of Scouting pin $2.75
Heart of Scouting Venture/Varsity pin $2.75
Heart of Scouting Boy Scout emblem $2.00
Black Ridge Trail $2.75
Dominguez Escalante Trail emblem $2.75
Western Region emblem $6.00
Great Western Trail (winter and summer) $2.95
Great Western Trail segments $1.20
Rainbow Canyons emblem $2.75
Boy Scout generic temporary emblems (no requirements) $0.49-$4.79
Plastic card holder (all) $4.99
*This price list is for use to units and leaders. Prices subject to change.