Cub Scout Awards Price List*
Item Discription Price
Immediate Recognition Kit (Cubs) $6.99
Immediate Recognition Kit (Tiger) $9.99
Belt Loops (all) $1.79
Acad/Sports pin (all) $1.79
Rank Emblem (tiger, bobcat, wolf, bear, webelos, arrow of light) $1.59
Rank Presentation card (all) $0.12
Rank Parents Pin (all) $1.29
Gold or Silver arrowpoint $0.99
Webelos Compass Emblem $2.69
Webelos Compass Point $1.39
Webelos Activity Pins (all) $1.69
Webelos Activity Pin Presentation Card $0.12
Arrow of Light Arrow (yellow arrow) $4.50
Ceremonial Arrow Kit $14.99
Webelos Super Achiever Patch $1.99
Webelos "twentier" patch $3.00
Crime Prevention emblem $2.59
Crime Prevention Pin $3.19
Crime Prevention Presentation Card $0.12
Cub Scout Heart of Scouting Emblem $2.00
Heart of Scouting Pin $1.70
Den Emblem (1-16) $1.39
Family Emblem (all) $2.49
Family Pin (all) $1.49
BSA Family Emblem $2.49
BSA Family Pin $1.59
National Summertime Pin (tiger, wolf, bear, webelo) $1.29
Cub Scout Leave no Trace Emblem $4.79
GSL Leave no Trace Emblem $4.79
Whittling Chip Emblem $1.49
Whittling Chip Presentation Card $0.12
Conservation Good Turn Emblem $2.59
Family Camping Emblem $2.59
Cub Scout World Conservation Emblem $1.79
Cub Scout World Conservation Presentation Card $0.99
Youth Religious Knot $1.59
Shoulder Cords (denner, asst denner, den chief award) $3.99
Ribbon-Natl Summertime Pack Award $1.29
Ribbon-Natl Summertime Den  $0.85
Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Emblem $2.09
Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Pin $0.99
Cub Scout Medal Pins (bronze, silver, gold) $3.99
Cub Scout Misc Emblems (no requirements) $0.79-$1.19
Cub Scout Monthly Theme Emblems $0.99-$1.29
Cub Scout Emblems (requirements to earn) $1.25-$2.75
Plastic Cub Scout Rank Holder (diamond shape) $0.99
Proud Parent Ribbon (display parent pins) $3.69
Cub Scout Poster Set (promise, law, code of conduct) $6.99
Cub Scout Tracking Posters (Tiger, Cub Scout, Webelos) $1.99
*This price list is available for use to units and leaders.  Prices are subject to change.