Friday's Doubleknot News - Vol. 171

QUICK TIP: Find Registrations Quickly with Registration Search
The Registration Search feature lets you quickly search registrations for all events by registration number, order number, group name, registrant name, or the registration owner’s email address. Registration Search is especially helpful if a customer is on the phone, as it’s the fastest way to locate all of a customer’s registrations. Click here for a short video about using Registration Search.  
BEST PRACTICE: Use Registrant Attributes to Gather Registrant Information
Do you need to gather more information about registrants than name, phone number, and email address? The Registrant Attributes feature makes it easy to add more than 20 common data entry fields to registration for events that are configured for named registrants. 
The Registrant Attributes fields that you select are displayed to your customers in the Add New Participants window. You can choose which Registrant Attributes fields will be displayed, and whether the information is optional or required. And, if your event is configured for different registrant types, you can assign different Registrant Attributes to gather different information from each type of registrant.
Before you build a custom form, check Registrant Attributes to see if the information you need is already supported there! To access Registrant Attributes for an event, follow these steps:
  1. Display the management page for the event or program session. 
  2. At the left, click Registrant Attributes. The Registrant Attributes page will be displayed.

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