Friday's Doubleknot News - Vol. 168

NEW: Cardholder Communications for Disputed Transactions
Doubleknot is pleased to announce a new feature to speed the resolution of disputed transactions (known as chargebacks) for organizations using Doubleknot’s merchant account. When Doubleknot is notified of a disputed transaction, the customer will receive an email containing a copy of the receipt and an explanation for the disputed transaction as well as contact information for your organization so they can obtain further information. A copy of the email is sent to all Doubleknot administrators in your organization with Financial Account privileges.
Doubleknot will always challenge chargebacks and work to resolve payment disputes on behalf of our clients. By making it easier for the cardholder to recognize the disputed transaction as a legitimate purchase, disputes can be handled faster, which benefits both your customers and your organization. 
REPORTS: Outdated Standard Reports Will Be Removed
We are planning to remove outdated standard reports throughout Doubleknot whose functions are duplicated in newer, more efficient reports.
Reports that are scheduled for removal will be clearly marked. If a report that you use frequently is marked for removal, please contact us at so we can make sure that your needs are addressed in the remaining reports. 
WEBINAR: Revenue Reporting/Reconciliation with Doubleknot's Merchant Account
If your organization uses Doubleknot's merchant account, please join us for an informative webinar on best practices for reporting revenue and reconciling financial accounts. Topics include determining gross revenues and bank charges, requesting transfer of net funds from Doubleknot, and using information in the Transaction Summary by Month report to update Doubleknot information on the balance sheet. 
Thursday, June 12, 2014
10 AM – 11 AM Pacific / 1 PM - 2 PM Eastern

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