Friday's Doubleknot News - Vol. 166

NEW FEATURES: Improvements to Event Management, Membership Management, and Reports
Doubleknot is pleased to announce the following new features:
  • You can now set the minimum number of registrants on a registration or membership in addition to setting the maximum number of registrants. For events and program sessions, the Minimum Registrants per Registration and Maximum Registrants per Registration fields are located on the Create and Modify page. For memberships, the fields are located on the Create/Update Membership Type page. 
  • For organizations using the Membership Management module: If a registration owner for an event or program has a current or expired membership, the membership number is now included in the View Registrations report for the event. 
NEW REPORTS: Membership Renewal Report and Merchandise Purchases Report
Doubleknot is pleased to announce the following new reports:
  • The Membership Report in Member Management lists memberships that are about to expire or that are past the expiration date for a specific membership type. To view this report from the Member Management page, click Membership Reports. Then, select an organization and membership type, select Reports, and click OK. The list of available reports will contain the Membership Report.
  • The Merchandise Purchases Report in Financial Accounts lists all completed online purchases for the week. To view this report, click Financial Accounts in the Feature List. Then, select the organization and account, select Finance Reports, and click OK. The list of available reports will contain the Merchandise Purchases Report. 
WEBINAR: Getting the Information You Need with Camp Reports
Summer camp is almost here! Join us in a webinar to learn how to use Doubleknot’s powerful reports to find all the information you need about registrations and revenues. 
Thursday, May 29, 2014
11AM – noon Pacific / 2 PM to 5 PM Eastern

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