Friday's Doubleknot News - Vol. 153

UPCOMING FEATURES: Payment Reminders and Improved Payment Adjustments 

We are pleased to announce new features that will roll out in the next few weeks:

  • Payment reminders. With this feature, you can automatically send custom reminders on a predefined schedule to let customers know that they have a balance due. This feature will initially be available for membership renewals, and will then roll out for events that have payment schedules.

  • Payment adjustments at the order level: This time-saving feature will enable you to make payment adjustments at the order level instead of at each individual item that the customer purchases. If a payment should be applied to more than one item in an order, you can handle the adjustment in a single transaction. 

BEST PRACTICE: Adjusting Session Event Dates in Programs

Sometimes you have to change the online registration dates for a program that you’ve already configured. (For example, if you haven’t reached capacity, you might want to extend the Registration End date.) In addition to changing the registration dates for the session, you must also change the registration dates for the session events in that session. 

The Adjust Session Event Dates feature automatically changes the registration dates for session events to match the registration dates for the session. To use this feature, follow these steps: 

  1. Edit the session you want to change, and enter new Registration Begin, Registration End, and/or Modify Registrants Until dates as needed. 

  2. On the Manage a Program page, click Adjust Session Event Dates. A confirmation dialog box will be displayed.

  3. Click Adjust. The registration dates for the program’s session events will be changed to matchthe new dates that you entered for the session. 

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