Friday's Doubleknot News - Vol. 147

NEW FEATURE: New Facilities Calendar Launching Monday, January 20
The new interface for the facilities reservations calendar will roll out on Monday, January 20. This interface is designed to make it easier for your customers to find reservations and bookings that meet their needs.

If you use the facilities calendar, the new interface will be automatically visible to your customers on Monday, January 20, and a new URL for the Facility Calendar will be displayed on the Organization URLs page. However, the previous URL will automatically redirect to the new interface, so you don't need to make any changes to your site

You can preview the new calendar interface starting Monday, January 13 by following these steps:
  1. In the Feature List, click Organization URLs
  2. Scroll to the Facility Calendar section. From Monday, January 13 to Sunday, January 19, an additional URL to view the new interface will be displayed. 
  3. Copy the URL and paste it into the browser’s address bar. The new interface will be displayed. 

NEW FEATURE: Shared Event Registration Forms Speed the Registration Process

If your organization uses the same event registration form for more than event or program session, the new shared form feature can streamline the registration process for your visitors. This feature will be available on Monday, January 13. 
If you enable this feature for a form that’s used by more than one item in the shopping cart, the information that the registration owner enters in the first form will automatically be entered in all of the instances of the form. 
For example, if you operate a camp with multiple sessions, you can mark the Emergency Contact form as a shared form. If child is registered for more than one session, the parent or guardian only has to complete the form once—the child’s Emergency Contact form for the additional sessions will automatically contain the same information as the first form.
To use this feature, follow these steps for the form you wish to share: 
  1. Display the Form Properties page for the form. 
  2. In the Basic Options section, select If this form is used for more than one registration in the shopping cart, automatically fill all forms with the same information.
  3. Click Save.
BEST PRACTICE: Check the End Date of Ongoing Events
As we’ve entered the new year, be sure to check your ongoing Dues and Fundraiser events to make sure that their end date isn’t expired. 

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