Welcome to the property reservations calendar page for Girl Scouts of Northern California!
Categories are open for reservations through December 31, 2018
2019 Reservation Calendar is scheduled to open 9/01/2018
Rental Periods:

Bothin, Buanto Creek, Hidden Falls, Skylark Ranch & Sugar Pine - 22 Hour Rental Periods (5pm to 2pm)

Arequipa, Ida Smith, Rainbow's End & A Girl's Place - have 3 different rental periods:

  1. Day - 10am to 4pm
  2. Night - 5pm to 9:30am
  3. Night/Day - 5pm to 4pm
 To check site availability:
  1. Select a site from the list of properties/rental periods below
  2. Select a specific asset you wish to book from the list (for sites with a single asset, please select it again)
  3. View the available dates
  4. Click on the available date you want to reserve followed by the end date you wish to check-out.
  5. Move forward to finalize your reservation

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Available for Departure