Blast, Crash, Splash, Smash, n' Dash Camporee
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Description: Blast, Crash, Splash, Smash, n' Dash Camporee
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Registration Begins: 3/25/2011
Last Day to Register: 4/28/2011
Late fee: After 4/23/2011 a late fee of $5.00 will apply to all Youth Registrants.
After 4/23/2011 a late fee of $5.00 will apply to all Adult Registrants.
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Cost: $15.00 per Youth
$5.00 per Adult



Tecumsa District

2011 Spring Camporee


Blast, Crash, Splash, Smash ‘n Dash


Leaders Guide




Greater Pittsburgh Council

Camp Twin Echo

Apr. 29 – May 1, 2011





Chaired by:

    Chris Kozak                                               Alan Ziegler

412.841.9862                                                412.678.7749              






Please email or call either of us as soon as possible with your estimated number of Scouts and Adults attending.   







Tecumsa District HAS NOT reserved any cabins

or campsites for Troops. 



Equipment List

  •  Patrol Flag
  •  Rockets/Engines (if you wish to shoot your own)
  •  Pinewood Derby Car (old or build a new one – BUT IT MIGHT NOT SURVIVE THE WEEKEND!)
  • Patrol First Aid Kit
  • 1 or 2 golf ball sized rocks Per Scout
  •  1 cup or mug per scout (we will not provide styrofoam cups. Think Green!)
  •  Scout Handbook (especially for  each new Scout)

Lunch Instructions

We are allowing enough time for each troop to prepare their lunch. At around 11AM the Patrols will return to their Troop campsite for lunch preparation and eating. At 1:00 PM they will return to the next station of their choice.

Hot Chocolate/Hydrate Station

At the dining hall there will be hot chocolate/bug juice for the Scouts to drink/warm up. Tecumsa will provide these, but we are asking each Troop to bring cups for their Scouts to use. Please consider not using styrofoam cups.

Flag Contest

One of the best ways to show Patrol spirit and fellowship is with a unique Patrol flag. Choose a Patrol name using this years’ “Blast, Crash, Splash, Smash ‘n Dash” Spring Camporee theme and design a special flag around the theme. The Patrol Leader must carry the Patrol flag to the opening and closing flag ceremonies, during the Spring Camporee events, and at the Saturday evening campfire. Your flag will be judged at some point during the day’s events.  


Judging will be based on the following

  1. Originality – Defined as relating to this year’s theme
  2. Workmanship – How well it is constructed
  3. Appearance – the size and shape should make a great display

All flags should include

  1. The name of your Patrol
  2. Troop Number
  3. The names of all patrol members
  4. The Fleur-de-lis

Tecumsa Order of the Arrow Members

The Tecumsa Chapter of Enda Lechauahanne Lodge 57 is going to assist us by building a campfire(s) for the Saturday evening closing/bridging ceremony. They would like at least 1 member from each troop to assist with this task. 


Blast, Crash, Splash, Smash ‘n Dash is a “Free Range” event. There will be no time limits to the stations and no “scheduled” station rotation times. Scouts are encouraged to try to participate in all activities but if one area interests you more than another you may stay at that station as long as you like HOWEVER…..   SCOUTS MUST ALLOW OTHER PATROLS WHO HAVE NOT ENJOYED A STATION TO HAVE A TURN BEFORE THEY CAN REPEAT ANY ACTIVITY.


Also – some activities (rocket launch, etc.) will have limited supplies to keep costs down. Scouts will not, for instance, be able to launch rockets all day at the District’s expense. If you love to shoot rockets and plan to do that most of the day please bring your own supplies.

Station #1 – (Parade Field) – Rocket Launch-Blast!

Station #2 – (Dining Hall) – Pinewood Derby- Crash!

Station #3 – (Field Behind Barn) – Scout Physical Challenge-Dash!

Station #4 – (Rifle Range) – Blast!

Station #5 – (Lakefront, beside the road) – Splash!

Station #6 – (Location TBA) – First Aid Training/Scenario

Station #7 – (Field Behind Barn @ Dugout) – Smash!





4p-9p                    Check in and Camp Setup

8p-9p                    Registration at Dining Hall

9p                         Leaders meeting at Dining Hall (One Adult and SPL from each troop)

11pm                       Taps / Lights out




8-840a                  Last minute registration, Woodward Lodge

840-855a              Opening/Colors - Parade Field

9a                         “Shotgun” Start

9a-11a                   Patrols rotate through Stations as they wish

11a-1:00p               Lunch in Troop campsites

1:00p – 5p             Patrols return to Stations as they wish

5p-7:15p               Dinner in Troop campsites

7:30p-8:15p          Catholic Mass (Dining Hall)

7:30p-8:15p          Scouts Own Service (Chapel)

8:30p-9:45p          Webelos Bridging Ceremony and Closing Campfire   (Location based on Weather)(probably fire circle below Gilwell Field)

10:00p                   Leader meeting and Cracker barrel at Dining Hall

11p                        Taps / Lights out




Break Camp and Depart according to your schedule

Registration Form

Registration for this year’s Spring Camporee can be turned in at any time before or at the April Roundtable. If you are not able to attend this Roundtable, please mail this registration, no later than April 7 to Flag Plaza.


Make checks payable to GPC-BSA and include this form.

Please note on the check: “Tecumsa District Spring Camporee


Send this form, with payment, to:

Greater Pittsburgh Council

Boy Scouts of America

Flag Plaza

1275 Bedford Avenue

Pittsburgh PA 15219


Registration fee of $15.00 per Scout $5.00 per Leader is due

by April 22, 2011.

At least 2 Adults per Troop must register.

Please Register as soon as possible.



Troop Number_____________________ Leader__________________


Number of Scouts_______ @ $15.00 = ______________________


Number of Adults_______ @ $5.00 = ______________________

A $5 fee will be assessed for all late registrations

Please  bring a list of Patrols/members with you to be turned in Friday night.

Activity Location: Map:  115 Twin Echo Drive, New Florence, PA 15944, US
Cancellation Policy: Refunds will not be available after April 29, 2011.
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