Hike Planning Guide

originated by Western Los Angeles County Council (WLACC) High Adventure Team


  Outing:   date:
  Tour Leader:

1. Parents notified of hiking route?
2. Committee approval of hiking route?
3. Adequate transportation to and from hiking area?
4. All drivers meet minimum age limits as shown on BSA tour permit?
5. All cars have minimum California Insurance - $30,000, $15,000 coverage?
6. Adequate menu for hike providing balanced diet for everyone?
7. All participants shall meet the units/group personal equipment list requirements.
8. All participants shall meet any and all requirements for the Award, for the hike.
9. Tour permits requested and received?
10. U.S. Forestry fire permits obtained if required - in Angeles, Los Padre, San Bernardino, and Cleveland National Forests.
11. Outing Leader knows where closest Ranger Station is
Phone is
Hospital or emergency center is
12. Outing Leader knows who to contact for help (a) Sheriffs Dept. (b) Highway Patrol (c) Mountain Rescue (d) Other
13. Itinerary written out so one can be given to:
Someone at unit level at home
Filed with award application if required
14. Any and all special permits requested for and obtained prior to taking the hike. (i.e., wilderness, National Park, National Monument, etc.).
15. Adequate group First Aid Kit for hike.
16. Have plans for advancement on hike been established and included in hike plan.
17. Have plans for earning advancement requirements been included in the hike plan.
18. Type of hike: rain; snow; sunny desert; mountain; beach; etc. are your prepared for these?
19. Adequate Group equipment for this hike?
20. Adequate Crew equipment for this hike?
21. Are we within the maximum group size for he area the hike is in.
22. Do we have two 21 year or older adults min mum for the group - (recommended one adult for each 10 youths - minimum 2 adults per group)?
23. Youth co-ed program exists in Venturing only - not in the "SCOUT" program.
24. Roster with name, address, phone number of each youth and adult going on trips and with whom to notify in case of emergency.
25. Does each youth and adult participant have an Emergency Medical Release form signed by his parents or guardian - one on his person and one in his personal First Aid Kit in his pack?
26. Does unit have Emergency Medical Release forms for each youth and adult participant in the unit/group first aid kit?
27. Outing Leader or some other adult on trip has a Standard First Aid Card.
28. Outing Leader or other adult on trip has completed a BSA approved Basic Backpack Awareness Course.
29. Any special equipment needed for this hike - i.e., snowshoes, climbing rope, ice ax, etc.
30. No one on hike is carrying or has in posession firearms or alcoholic beverages unless specifically required for one's profession or required for medical reason.
31. All pets left at home except seeing eye and hearing impairment dogs.
32. All participants are familiar and checked out on the usage of the unit/group backpacking stove. - Whatever the type may be?
33. All participants of the hiking group are current registered members of the BSA or GSA programs.
34. All participants of the hiking group have individual identification on them.
35. All adult participants of the hiking group are familiar with the Council Emergency Notification Form.
36. Recommended all participants of the hiking group has had a medical exam - maximum 4 months prior to the long-term hike.