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Rancho Alegre Marks
50 Years of Summer Camping

Open House Happening October 24th

The place to be on the afternoon and evening of October 24th is at the big celebration of Rancho Alegre's 50 years of Summer Camping. Activity areas will be open for all to see the growth of the camp over the past 50 years through the effort of the community, the alumni, and the Scouts of today.

Relive all those days of swimming in the pool; shooting at the Rifle, Archery, or Shotgun Ranges; handicrafts; and nature walks.

Following the activities and camp tours from 1:00 to 4:30 will be a barbecue beginning at 5 :00 pm. Menu choices include chicken, tri-tip, or vegetarian option. Cost is $15 per person or $25 for a couple for the meal. Registration is requested by Tuesday, October 20. To register online, click here.

Need more information, please contact the Rancho Alegre Office at (805) 686-5167 or Please mark your calendars to be there. You might even run into an old friend or staff member from years ago. Isn't that what Scouting is all about?

Rancho Alegre 50th Anniversary

For a flyer about this event for yourself or to share with others, click here.
For those wanting to register and/or pay online for the BBQ, click here.

Scouting:  A Celebration of Youth

Celebration of Youth

Celebration of Youth

Celebration of Youth

To register for this event online, click here.

To download and print a copy of this invitational brochure for yourself or to share with others, click here.


2015 Fall SE Corner

Summer is wrapping up in Los Padres Council. Another camping season has passed as Scouts are coming back from their summer adventure. As we look forward to the fall and winger we have a lot of things to get excited about. Courts of Honor to present the many merit badges that were earned, Cub Scouts are ready to kick off a new adventure with our new Cub Scout program, fall recruitment set to share the adventure with more families, and Popcorn is geared to have a strong year and help your unit finance another year in Scouting.

Looking at my calendar and planning ahead I realize we all are busy, and parents today are busier than ever — constantly pressured by the challenge to balance work and home. Even as we are working harder, it’s important for parents to spend quality time with their children. Studies show that parents report feeling rushed and stressed by juggling work and home — finding it increasingly difficult to balance these responsibilities. Parents place significant emphasis on spending quality time with their kids. They find caring for and engaging in activities with their children make them happy and are far more meaningful than work.

Youth today are spending less time outside and more time in front of screens.

  • The average American boy or girl spends as few as 30 minutes in outdoor play each day.
  • Youth ages 8-18 devote an average of more than seven hours a day or 53 hours a week to using entertainment media.
  • Parents are increasingly concerned that screen time is robbing their kids of real-world experiences.

Within this atmosphere of constant time pressure for parents and mounting screen time and decreasing outdoor playtime for kids, Scouting makes the most of the little time parents have to make a positive impact on children. For the rest of the year, let us get re-energized on our mission of serving more youth and getting them into Scouting Outdoor Adventures. We have the best youth program, a great team of Scouters, and such an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many kids that need us.

Remember, there IS a need for Scouting’s values and positive impact within our community. Kids need Scouting, and we will do our part to help. Take a look at the videos below and share your Scouting story with us.

Yours in Scouting,
Carlos Cortez | Scout Executive


Due to the overwhelming number of applications we received in 2014, the NESA scholarship committee has voted to move the NESA scholarship window up two months. The new deadline for submissions is October 31, 2015. Applications will go online during the first week of August and applicants will have three months to fill out and submit their application by October 31, 2015.

All NESA scholarship applications must be submitted online only. Paper copies from previous years are out of date and will not be accepted, follow the link below for further details.

These scholarships are not available to students attending any of the U.S. military academies, because at these academies expenses covered by NESA scholarships are already paid by the United States government.


NEW WEBSITE FEATURE: Scout TV Link of the Week

A new feature of the Los Padres Council website is the Scout TV Link of the Week. You will find the near the top of the left-side blue column of Scout Departments. It is our intent to rotate different YouTube Scout related videos at the normal rate of one per week.Currently there are three videos on the web page:

  • A Cub Scout Mom's Comments on Why Scouting Is Important for Her Webelos Son
  • The address of Dr. Robert Gates, National President of the BSA, at the Annual Conference last month
  • A Guide for Parents and Scout on what to pack for Summer Camp

Readers who scout YouTube are encouraged to send suggestions for future video presentation.  Send to the webmaster at


Donate Now to Friends of Scouting


To download the 2015 Friends of Scouting Brochure, click here.

To make an on-line donation to Friends of Scouting, click here.

Fearless leaders,

Thank you all for your continued support.

Congratulations to David Brown and the Cachuma TEAM/district and to Lynn Johnson and the Live Oak TEAM/district for being over 40% on their FOS campaign goal.

April and May are crucial times in FOS as units are getting ready to take on their summer adventures and we have to be “Prepared” for the remainder of the year. As we keep supporting our youth and units please keep in mind that your financial support is needed to keep Scouting strong for the youth in your unit. If everyone committed to $5 per week towards Friends of Scouting, FOS, every district would make its goal and we will be able to provide the best program available. Please keep the Scouts in mind and commit to helping more youth achieve their dreams.

Yours in Scouting,
Carlos Cortez| Scout Executive


Campaign Goals and Results
updated September 27, 2015

2015 Friends of Scouting Campaign
District/Unit Campaign 2015 Goal 2015 Pledged % of Goal Average Donation No. of Contributors
Cachuma District $20,000 $9,520 47.6% $194.29 49
Camino Real District $40,000 $17,817 44.9% $193.66 `92
Del Norte District $41,000 $13,904 33.9% $134.69 107
Live Oak District $36,000 $24,726 68.7% $153.58 161
South Coast District $100,000 $61,053 61.1% $306.80 199
District Sub-Total $237,000 $127,020 53.6% $208.91 602
Direct Mail Campaign $20,000 $3,393 17.0% $67.86 50
Board Campaign $122,500 $17,500 14.3% $1,750.00 10
TOTAL $379,500 $147,913 39.0% $221.43 668

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Check out the revised Training Matrix for trained leaders and the change in Youth Protection Training to an annual requirement on our Council Training Policy web page.



To learn more about these opportunities below, click on the graphic

Zombie Camp - October 17


Order of the Arrow Logo

2015 OA Dues

Online Registration

Offline Registration Form

Order of the Arrow Logo

Order of the Arrow
Fall Fellowship and
Lodge Banquet

Rancho Alegre

November 14 2015

Details Coming



Woodbadge Logo

Woodbadge Course for
September - October 2015

Lack of participants





Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid
Saturday, October 3, 2015
and October 10, 2015

Lack of participants

Venturing Logo

Venture Leader Specific Training
Saturday, November 14, 2015
San Luis Obispo

Online Registration

Offline Registration Form




Varsity Team Logo

Varsity Leader Specific Training

    Saturday, November 14, 2015

San Luis Obispo            






National Jamboree 2017

Click on picture to go to National Jamboree 2017 website for more details


Philmont Arrowhead

2016 Trek


  Sea Base Logo
Florida Sea Base

The Summit Logo

The Summit



Upcoming Council Scouting Events

Below you will find a list of the next 40 upcoming Council-wide events for Los Padres Council. To register and/or pay for any of these events, click on the line and it will take you directly to the registration page. For events beyond the last date, click on the link to the calendar.

more events

Council News

Check here for news releases and stories about upcoming Scouting events and changes. After each title is given a short synopsis of the article. Click on the title to read the entire article. Additional stories may be accessed by using the bottom link.

    PRAY is doing a Bible Basics Program for Scouts. Check out how you can earn these Scouting patches in this exciting new program
  • New Membership Applications Now In Use
    The BSA has introducted new membership applications for both youth and adults. Please toss out any old forms and use these forms from March 2015 forward.
  • New Scouting Professionals Take Charge
    Carlos Cortez has been named the new Scout Executive/CEO of the Los Padres Council. Scott Oldenburg is the new Council Program Director.
  • Strategic Plan Adopted
    STRATEGIC PLAN ADOPTED -- At the annual meeting on January 20, 2015, the Los Padres Council adopted a new Strategic Plan to cover the Council for the future.
  • Scout Executive Departs after 6 Years
    Scout Executive accepts new position with the Boy Scouts. In her farewell address Becca Fields extends thanks to all.
  • Safe Meeting Environment
    The beginning of a new school year is a good time to check out the physical location of your meeting to make sure that they comply with safety rules and requlations.
  • Free Snake Bite Poster
    The American Association of Poison Control Centers is offering free-of-charge to Scout units a poster on identifying and treating snake bites...
  • Fiscal Policies and Procedures for BSA Units
    A handout detailing financial requirements of a unit and the handling of money.
  • Scoutcast Podcast
    BSA has introduced a Boy Scout podcase equivalent to its long-standing Cub Scout Podcast. Read more...
  • International Spirit Award
    Learn how Scouts of all ages and Scouters can earn this Award.
  • Cyber Chip: New Tool for Internet Awareness
    Age appropriate requirements to earn the new Cyber Chip - a tool for Internet Awareness.
  • Ten Weeks of Summer
    Prior week activities for Ten Weeks of Summer are detailed here.

Additional news releases

Training Information

Every Scout is deserves a trained leader
Check out these courses!

Los Padres Press (Council Newsletter)

Stop BullyingFor a BSA prepared Powerpoint presentation on bullying -
Scout Version -
Leader Version


For a BSA prepared Powerpoint presentation on bullying - Scout Version - Leader Version Scouting’s values make it clear that bullying is not tolerated—both inside and outside of our organization. Our position on bullying—coupled with our commitment to serving America’s youth with a quality Scouting experience—provides Scout leaders a unique opportunity to teach respect and acceptance of others. --Wayne Brock, Chief Scout Executive


Youth Protection and Risk Management Information

To report a suspected case of child abuse in Scouting, download this form with instructions.


Promoting Scouting Events on the Website and in the Newsletter

Los Padres Council will only promote approved Scouting events on its website, in its newsletter, and in social media. If you have any question about approval, contact either Carlos Cortez ( or Scott Oldenburg (

Copy, fliers, forms, and photographs should be sent to volunteer Webmaster ( Please send this material well in advance of the event.

Los Padres Council
Serving Scouting in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties

4000 Modoc Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

(805) 967-0105; fax: (805) 967-5094


Council Service Centers

Santa Barbara Service Center
Main Administrative Office
4000 Modoc Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Office: (805) 967-0105
Fax: (805) 967-5094
Hours:  10:00 am - 5:00 pm
   Monday thru Friday

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Santa Maria Service Center
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Office: (805) 925-1955
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Hours:  10:00 am - 5:00 pm
   Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Hours:  10:00 am - 6:00 pm
   Tuesday and Thursday

Hours: 10 am to 1:30 pm;

Closed Sunday

Atascadero Service Center
7350 El Camino Real, Suite #201
Atascadero, CA 93422
Office: (805)461-4018
Fax: (805) 461-4021
Hours:  10:00 am - 5:00 pm'
              closed for lunch 2:00-2:30
   Monday, Thursday, and Friday

Hours:  10:00 am - 2:00 pm
   Saturday and by appointment

Closed  Sunday,  Tuesday, and Wednesday




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