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Los Padres Council

Cachuma, Camino Real, Del Norte, Live Oak and South Coast

Keeping Scouting Alive Since 1910

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Campaign Goals and Results
Report on May 23, 2016

District/Unit Campaign 2016 Goal 2016 Pledged % of Goal Average Donation No. of Donors
Cachuma District $20,000 $10,261.00 51.3% $263.10 39
Camino Real District $40,000 $2,400.00 6.0% $184.62 13
Del Norte District $41,000 $2,980.00 7.3% $124.17 24
Live Oak District $37,000 $21,437.00 57.9% $166.18 129
South Coast District $100,000 $35,220.00 35.2% $190.38 185
Direct Mail Campaign $20,000 $3,095.00 15.5% $91.03 34
Board Campaign $100,000 $15,300.00 15.3% $1,700.00 9
TOTAL $358,000 $90,693.00 25.3% $209.45 433

"Be Part of the Solution"

Become a Friend of Scouting

FOS Brochure Front Side

FOS Brochure Back Side

FOS 2016 patchEach year, our Scout parents, leaders and community friends are asked to support some of the hidden costs of Scouting. The Los Padres Council, which serves more than 9,000 youth and adults within San Luis and Santa Barbara counties, provides numerous benefits and annually spends in excess of $150 per youth to provide the Scouting program.

Friends of Scouting (brochure) provides for our Scouts and to numerous others. Our goal this year is to have 100% of our Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Varsity teams, and Venture crews to hold a Friends of Scouting presentation. Each units full participation will guarantee that our Scouts and the thousands other Scouts across the central coast will receive the Scouting program in 2016.

Please contact your "District Executive" at your local council service center to schedule your Friends of Scouting (FOS) presentation today!


Click on DONATE button below to continue---->>>>


In addition to the individual contributor FOS recognition patch, the following is a unit recognition plan:

Council supporter award:

100% Partition, every member of the unit participates at an average level of $40 per member

  • Council President's FOS Unit Award:
Unit achieves President Goal of $150 per 2016 registered Scout in unit
  • President FOS plaque
  • Free weekend at Rancho Alegre for the entire unit, weekend is the unit?s choice subject to availability.(Weekend program not included)
  • Recognition on the council website as a Council President Unit.


If we are asking you to be generous with your giving, we owe you the responsibility of sharing our Council budget and how we receive and spend the money that you provide to us through your giving. One can download a copy of the Council Budget for 2016, by clicking here. If you have any questions, concerns, or wish to make a donation to support the Council, please contact our Scout Executive, Carlos Cortez at

Scouting Works


One of the major aims of Scouting is to get youth into the outdoors. Following is a list of some Summer 2016 opportunities to youth to experience and appreciate the outdoors:

For additional information about any of these Summer Camping Opportunities, contact the Rancho Alegre Program Office at or (805) 686-5167.

Rancho Alegre LogoSUMMER CAMP STAFF:  There are still some vacancies for staff assignments during Summer Camp at Rancho Alegre.  We have positions for both youth and adults.  Dates needed are July 5 to July 22.  If you are interested, please contact Wayne Rascati at

To download a staff application, click here.


New Adventures in the World of Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers have some new options and awards.  Check them out at this link -- .

The following links will take one to updated information about the newly-revised Cub Scout Shooting Sports Awards which can only be earned at a Council or District sponsored event.

The Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award

  • Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award Manual coming soon
  • Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award Requirements
  • Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award FAQs
  • Cub Scout Shooting Sports Tracking Sheet
  • Shooting Targets
Come check out the new Shooting Sports program
and awards at Rancho Alegre
Cub Scout Resident Camp from July 17-20.

Lion CubLion Cub Program
Coming Soon for Kindergarten Age Boys

Select councils (including Los Padres Council) will gear up this fall to pilot Lions, a new Scouting program for kindergarten-age boys. Sounds simple, right? Isn’t it just a matter of adding a new rank to Cub Scouting?… Not so fast! Although there are similarities, there are also differences between Lions and the core Cub Scouting program and we’re here to break it all down for you.

The Lion program, like all Scouting programs, weaves the concepts of character development, leadership skills, personal fitness, and citizenship into activities that are age-appropriate and fun.

Lion Adventures, Uniforms and Pack Involvement

“Adventures” (themed sets of activities and experiences) will assist Lion families in exploring the world around them. As they complete the requirements for each adventure, Lions will earn an adventure sticker to be placed in their Lion Adventure Book. Lions earn stickers, not adventure loops (belt loops) as they will do in Cub Scouting. Additionally, Lions will be led by parents filling the role of “Lion Guides” and will meet as dens of six to eight kindergarten-age boys.

Lions will wear their own approved uniform, a Lion t-shirt! It will be available in pilot-approved Scout Shops to help the Lions feel unique and special. Lions should not wear the Cub Scout uniform until they are old enough to officially transition into Cub Scouting as a Tiger. Lion dens may be invited to participate in a few pack meetings, but care should be taken to ensure that any meetings they attend are fun and engaging for boys of Lion age. Boys are restless by nature, younger boys even more so. Late nights, long meetings, lots of sitting and listening should be avoided for Cub Scouts and Lions, alike. Instead, meaningful and fun activities should be planned for Lions in any meetings they attend. At the end of the kindergarten year, Lions will “graduate” into Cub Scouting as a Tiger – where even more fun and adventure will await!

Next Steps

Councils have begun to consider their options in applying to become a national Lion pilot site for fall 2016. Scout Executives have been made aware of the procedures to do that. If approved, pilot councils will provide feedback to the national Program Development Department for further study.

Since its announcement a few weeks ago, the Lion pilot program has generated much enthusiasm! Please join in that excitement as we test new ways to reach America’s youth with the benefits of Scouting!

More information, including program specifics and FAQ’s, will be made available in the coming months so check back on Scouting Wire for the latest updates. Have questions about the Lion program that you would like to see answered on Scouting Wire?


During the past two years BSA has made major changes to the Boy Scout, Cub Scout, and Venturing rank advancement process. This website has separate pages for both the Boy Scout and Cub Scout changes which more information may be obtained.

Boy Scout Rank Changes became effective January 1, 2016. The 13th edition of the Boy Scout Handbook incorporates all these new and changing requirements. Below are two useful links for boys in transition:

For information about these changes and other advancement changes and techniques, check out the January-February 2016 edition of Advancement News. Older issues are available online at

To learn more about these opportunities, click on the graphic or link

Take advantage of these general activities!
Order of the Arrow Logo

2016 OA Dues

$15 for Calendar Year 2016

Online Registration

Offline Registration Form

Chumash Jacket Patch

2016 Summer Ordeal

August 26-28 , 2016
Rancho Alegre


On-line Registration and Payment



Saturday, May 21
10 am - 2 pm

Dinosaur Caves Park, Pismo Beach
Pictures of this event coming soon to our Photo Gallery
2017 Jamboree Patch

2017 National Jamboree Patch Set

Deadline for ordering:  July 8, 2016

Click on this link to learn how you can purchase five different Los Padres Council patches which benefit our 2017 National Jamboree contingent.


Spring Camporee

Cub Scout Day Camps

South Coast -Botanic Gardens - June 24-25

Live Oak/Cachuma -
Pioneer Park - July 11-13
Ken Adams Park - July 25-27

Camino Real - June 20-24
Church of the Nazarene, Los Osos

Del Norte - NO camp will be held in 2016

Here are some great training opportunities to make you a better leader!!


Council Training Policy

In order to provide a quality and safe program for the youth that we serve, Los Padres Council has established certain training standards that all adult volunteers must adhere. To read this policy, click here.

Trained Patch

Online Training

BSA offers a number of courses online, many of which are required to be completed annually. Among these are required courses Youth Protection Training, Weather Hazard Safety, Fast Start, Safe Swim Defense, and Safety Afloat. Update your training portfolio at

Scout Leader Specific Training

June 21, 2016
8:30 - 1:30

Santa Barbara Scout Office

To find out more about the training offered
at this event,
click here.

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS)

Outdoor Webelos Leader Skills (OWLS)

August 19-20, 2016
Rancho Alegre

To find out more about the training offered
at this event,
click here.

University of Scouting

October 8, 2016
Save the Date

To find out more about the training offered
at this event,
click here.

Wood Badge Certificate

Wood Badge

A premier training course for Scouters!

Requires 2 - 3 day weekend attendance
September 3-5 at Rancho Alegre
September 22-24 at Camp Three Falls

More Information

High Adventure Camps

Way Points Header

Sea Base

? Way Point Philmont
? Way Point The Summit
? Way Point Northern Tier
? Way Point Jamboree
? Venturingfest 2016Way Point Jamboree


Upcoming Council Scouting Events

Below you will find a list of the next 40 upcoming Council-wide events for Los Padres Council. To register and/or pay for any of these events, click on the line and it will take you directly to the registration page. For events beyond the last date, click on the link to the calendar.

more events

Council News

Check here for news releases and stories about upcoming Scouting events and changes. After each title is given a short synopsis of the article. Click on the title to read the entire article. Additional stories may be accessed by using the bottom link.

    PRAY is doing a Bible Basics Program for Scouts. Check out how you can earn these Scouting patches in this exciting new program
  • New Scouting Professionals Take Charge
    Carlos Cortez has been named the new Scout Executive/CEO of the Los Padres Council. Scott Oldenburg is the new Council Program Director.
  • Strategic Plan Adopted
    STRATEGIC PLAN ADOPTED -- At the annual meeting on January 20, 2015, the Los Padres Council adopted a new Strategic Plan to cover the Council for the future.
  • Scout Executive Departs after 6 Years
    Scout Executive accepts new position with the Boy Scouts. In her farewell address Becca Fields extends thanks to all.
  • Safe Meeting Environment
    The beginning of a new school year is a good time to check out the physical location of your meeting to make sure that they comply with safety rules and requlations.
  • Free Snake Bite Poster
    The American Association of Poison Control Centers is offering free-of-charge to Scout units a poster on identifying and treating snake bites...
  • International Spirit Award
    Learn how Scouts of all ages and Scouters can earn this Award.
  • Ten Weeks of Summer
    Prior week activities for Ten Weeks of Summer are detailed here.
  • New LDS Scouting Handbook Issued
    The LDS Church has issued a new handbook on Scouting in the LDS Church. May be downloaded. Also check out resources for LDS Units
  • Memorial Day Honor Roll
    Memorial Day Honor Roll being established for Scouts and Scouters of Los Padres, Mission, and Santa Lucia Councils.
  • Hot Air Ballooning Activity
    From the official BLOG of Scouting Magazine, BSA announces that certain forms of Hot Air Ballooning are now permissible activities. Read the details to find out what is permissible.
  • Top 20 and Bottom 20 Merit Badges of 2011
    Scouting Magazine has released the names of the top 20 and bottom 20 merit badges earned in 2011.

Additional news releases

Training Information

Every Scout is deserves a trained leader
Check out these courses!

    Los Padres Press (Council Newsletter

    Stop Bullying

    For a BSA prepared Powerpoint presentation on bullying -
    Scout Version -
    Leader Version

    For a BSA prepared Powerpoint presentation on bullying - Scout Version - Leader Version Scouting?s values make it clear that bullying is not tolerated?both inside and outside of our organization. Our position on bullying?coupled with our commitment to serving America?s youth with a quality Scouting experience?provides Scout leaders a unique opportunity to teach respect and acceptance of others. --Wayne Brock, Chief Scout Executive


    Youth Protection and Risk Management Information

    To report a suspected case of child abuse in Scouting, download this?form?with instructions.

    • Safe Meeting Environment
      The beginning of a new school year is a good time to check out the physical location of your meeting to make sure that they comply with safety rules and requlations.
    • Free Snake Bite Poster
      The American Association of Poison Control Centers is offering free-of-charge to Scout units a poster on identifying and treating snake bites...
    • Hot Air Ballooning Activity
      From the official BLOG of Scouting Magazine, BSA announces that certain forms of Hot Air Ballooning are now permissible activities. Read the details to find out what is permissible.
    • Social Media and Scouting
      Your Unit, your Scouts, and social media
    • Guide to Safe Scouting Revised
      An updated version (edition March 2011) of the Guide to Safe Scouting was issued. Download your copy now.
    • Youth Safety is the Number 1 Concern
      Youth Safety is the Number 1 Concern of the BSA and our Los Padres Council.
    • Important Insurance Information for Volunteers
      REVISED INSURANCE POLICY FOR VOLUNTEER and SPONSORING ORGANIZATIONS: The Boy Scouts of America has revised its fact sheet on insurance coverage provisions for volunteers and sponsoring organizations.
    • Working with Scouts with Autism
      Most units have Scouts with learning challenges and leaders are not prepared. Prepared as a Woodbadge project, this article may help the leader with extending the Scouting experience to Scouts with autism.
    • Youth Protection Guidelines for Adults
      Revised Youth Protection Policy of the BSA which became effective in June 2010.


    • ?

    Promoting Scouting Events on the Website and in the Newsletter

    Los Padres Council will only promote approved Scouting events on its website, in its newsletter, and in social media. If you have any question about approval, contact either Carlos Cortez ( or Scott Oldenburg?(

    Copy, fliers, forms, and photographs should be sent to volunteer Webmaster ( Please send this material well in advance of the event.

    Los Padres Council
    Serving Scouting in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties

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    Council Service Centers

    Santa Barbara Service Center
    Main Administrative Office
    4000 Modoc Road
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    Office:(805) 967-0105
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    Hours: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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    Closed Saturday & Sunday

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