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Snow College Merit Badge Pow Wow


Open NOW!

  • 2016 Manti Stake Merit Badge Pow Wow
    Manti Stake Merit Badge Pow Wow is getting ready to start. Register Early, Class sizes are limited. Great opportunity to get many of the Eagle Required Merit Badges and some fun electives as well.
  • 2016 SurvivorMan 10K Venturing Competition
    Arapeen District Annual SurvivorMan 10K Competition for Venturers. This high adventure activity is reserved for youth 16-19 years old only. This activity is NOT for younger Scouts. Check out the details here.
  • 2016 Snow College Spring Merit Badge Pow Wow
    Snow College Annual Spring Merit Badge Pow Wow Classes Available NOW for registration! On BOTH Richfield and Ephraim Campuses. Class sizes are limited so register early for the best choices.
  • Social Networking

    Hey Scouters, we have officially joined the social networking world. After you join, you can post questions and comments to stories and interact with other Scouters.



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