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Getting Started on the Trail to Eagle Scout

You are now a Life Scout, one step away from Scouting's highest award - EAGLE SCOUT!

Are you ready to climb the last trail to join the "select few" who have reached the top of Scouting's advancement ladder? This Honor requires demonstrating leadership and service.

To achieve this high honor, you are expected to PLAN, DEVELOP AND GIVE LEADERSHIP to others, in carrying out a service project which is helpful to one of the following:

  1. Your religious institution
  2. Your school
  3. Your community

Please Note: Your project cannot be of direct benefit to any Boy Scout organization, cannot be performed for a commercial business or an individual, and cannot be a fund-raiser.  Funds raised can only be used for materials and supplies needed to carry out the project, all monies and donated items belong to the Beneficiary.

The Steps from Life to Eagle

The following are steps help you understand the Council side of the Eagle Process:

Before a project is begun:

  1. The applicant should have a membership card showing his registration.
  2. Make sure the applicant is registered in the unit that will be listed on the current Eagle Scout application and Eagle Certificate. Also, confirm he has been registered in the unit in which he held the leadership position (Requirement #4).
  3. Files must be current with merit badges and ranks. As a service, we will print a person profile for the applicant listing his rank and merit badges received on advancement forms.
  4. If there is any information missing, an advancement form or copies of the blue cards are required in order to update the system.
    NOTE: Do not list different programs on the same advancement form. Each program & unit must have its own Advancement form (Troops, Teams, Crews, Posts and Ships).
  5. The project workbook may be downloaded from BSA here. National requires original signatures for the project.
  6. Projects are to be approved with the District Advancement Chairman prior to beginning work on the project. You can contact the Front Desk at the Great Southwest Council (505) 345-8603 for your district advancement chairman's contact information.
  7. When having to use alternate merit badges because of medical reasons, the application for “Alternate Merit Badges” must be completed and sent to the service center as soon as possible. This is forwarded to the council Advancement Chairman for his review. Upon approval the unit leader will be notified.
  8. At council verification of the application we must have:
    1. Eagle Project Workbook completed.
    2. Eagle Scout Application completed permanently without corrections. Signatures and dates of applicant, unit and committee chair approval must be on the application.
    3. Signed Statement of Ambition.
  9. After the Board of Review, council certification, we must have:
    1. The original application bearing all appropriate signatures.
    2. Advancement form with Eagle Rank containing all members of the Board of Review's (BOR) Signatures (Rank cannot be updated or the award purchased without it). 
      1. The Eagle kit may not be purchased without the office processed copy of the advancement form.
      2. All copies of the Advancement Form should be sent with the application. The advancement form will be processed and a copy will be inside the Certificate when it is returned to the leader.
      3. Any Palms earned before the BOR date (groups of 5 Merit Badges completed and recorded before the date of the BOR) must be recorded on this Advancement form underneath the Rank of Eagle. 
    3. Send all written references (5 if no employer, 6 if employed).*
  10. Eagles are processed in the order they are received, usually within the week and National has a turnaround time of approximately four to six weeks.

    NOTE:  This version of the Project Workbook is the version you can use.

    When sending these forms to the Service Center, please be sure to make your own copies.  (Only Advancement forms that have been processed by the Council are to be used to for Eagle Patch controlled items purchases.) 

    If you have any questions, you may contact the Great Southwest Council at (505) 345-8603. Ask to speak to the Council Eagle Advancement Coordinator.

    * References: Our council asks for letters. When the Scout asks a person to be a reference, he is to ask if they are willing to write a letter on his behalf and provide the reference with a designee in the Unit who will be collecting these letters on his behalf.  The designee is to be outside of the family. Under no circumstances and not for any reason should a scout or family be in possession of these letters of reference. This designee should take them to the Board of Review in sealed envelopes, to be opened by the Board.  The board will enclose these letters with the accompanying documents and return all to Council in a sealed envelop. These letters do not belong to the scout and should remain confidential.

Helpful Links


District Contacts

For Project Proposal Approval you must contact your District Advancement Chair:


Anasazi:  Mac McNamee -

El Valle Manzano:  Steve Bartholomew (Interim) -

Mesa Verde:  Rocky Gallegos -

Rio Grande: Contact the office 345-8603

Sandia:  Rick Mondick -

Sangre De Crisco:  Tim Neal -

Zuni Mountain:  Bill Barnes -