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                                                           Monday Memo 

Joseph Daniszewski
Scout Executive

Good day and welcome to our September 13th, 2010 Monday Memo


BSA-100 Birthday Party 

The BSA-100 Birthday Party is right on top of us and by the way is doing just fine and dandy. We are now 11 days from the event and every second counts as far as planning, logistics, and making sure this is fun. I do want to thank all of you that are involved in putting things together for the Scouts. I know this is a lot of work but in the end it will all be worth it. In Scouting this is what we call fun.

Scout Spirit is everything and can only be fun if you and I make it so, but what we see out there you all are doing just that   THANK YOU

I am having a den leader or ASM call me with a question My Son and I are signed up to go but the rest of the pack or troop does not want to . . .What’s with that . . . has happen way more times than I want to hear . DE’S, COMMITTEE MEMBERS IN EACH DISTRICT NEED TO HIT THE TRAILS AND MAKE SURE THESE UNITS THAT ARE NOT SIGNED UP AT LEAST KNOW WHAT THEY ARE ABOUT TO MISS OUT ON and what this is really all about. This is not an ordinary year in Scouting, This is not the same old thing, This is a very special time and a cerebration for all Scouts to come together to join thousands of other Scouts and scouting families in fellowship, fun, & 100 years of Scouting all wrapped up into The BSA-100 Birthday Party

Get the Spirit of Scouting, if all do, it will change your life

  • I believe we are pushing about 4600 signups or so
  • Program Maps are on the website
  • Website still the main source of communication please pass the word if you don’t there will be many that miss out
  • Next update is next weekend and the weekend before the event we will have on the website last minute information for all, it is important that participants look for last minute details these will explain a lot of the little things going on
  • Activity Areas updated materials are needed Please try and get an explanation page for your areas this can be added to your flyers that are already on the site
  • Larry Will be at the Park for a final look at things on Grandparents Day September 12th. For any one that is interested we will be walking the park and spotting all locations for Midway Vendors, special events, displays, demonstrations, and all activity areas, including sound stage from the master completed plan.   Meet at Ash Grove 1 pm

1. These are on the general plan already and some areas may have shifted a bit most are the same as they were at the last meeting, so if you would like to verify where you will be you are welcome to join Larry at 1pm Sunday the 12th. We will not be spending a lot of time talking about the particulars in your areas we will be concentrating on showing you where each activity is going to be placed as per the completed map

  • Please promote in your districts via email or however you can to get people to come it is turning into being a very exciting event
  • Has all your staff eating with the QM got there meal orders in?
  • Has everyone paid that is suppose to $15 for staff not with a unit
  • We need a couple of skits for the campfire please turn in skits ASAP
  • We need a couple of scouts from each District for youth staff
  • We need helpers for opening ceremonies

NOTE: We are in need of helpers for a bunch of jobs that need to be handled from maintenance to parking control and everything in between

Security, Traffic, and Parking Control

  • 75 TO 100 VOLUNTEERS FOR FRIDAY afternoon and evening
  • 25 TO 30   VOLUNTEERS FOR SATURDAY all day
  • 30 to40 Volunteers for Sunday Check out
  • Gate Security & roving patrols all night Friday and Saturday minimum two per shift


  • 20 Volunteers for a Maintenance crew Saturday all day
  • 20 to 40 Volunteers to help in a number of different areas with program needs and special events
  • Eagle or Life Scouts from any district ( we have had no response ) we have opened this up to Plan B   I need a youth staff of 22 members with complete uniforms and enthusiasm about Scouting and having Fun. All can come from one district or they can come from a number of districts (These Scouts need to contact me by Wednesday of this week Sept 8th – we are running out of time and they need to be able to plan a few things now)
  • Need 14 tiger cubs, 20 Cub Scouts, 17 Boy Scouts, 20 Venturers, 20 Scouters  to walk with a flag at opening ceremonies in full uniform we have a donation of 20ea 15 x 18” flags for the tigers all other may need to bring their unit American Flags


  • Need about 30 volunteers to help run the Boy Scout Mystery Event on Sunday very easy jobs and might be fun
  • Need about20 to 30 volunteers to help run the Cub Scout Mystery event on Sunday very easy jobs and you might have fun and get slightly wet
  • Hub Cap has a number of things going on during the day and need a few volunteers to help staff also would work in shifts so you may only be there a short period of time

At the hub cap we are looking for Patch memorabilia form CIEC and districts for displays got some cool stuff?


Kernal Journal

Greetings Kernals!

Update Your Info
As we get ready for the Take Order Sale, I need your assistance in updating your unit’s information. Many of the commitment cards that were turned in were missing information. Please email Katy Gibbons (kgibbons@bsamail.org) the answers to the following questions. Please include your name, unit number and district with your reply.

  • Please confirm that your unit will be participating in the Take Order Sale.
  • Will you be using the Trail’s End Prize program or opting for commission only?

I Need Your Popcorn Stories!
Just a reminder… if you or your Scouts have a fun and interesting story to tell on selling popcorn or what you did with the funds, please let me know so that we can share it with the local paper or radio station. Email me your story and pictures to Kevin.gustafson@scouting.org.

Fill it Up Drawing
The Fill It Up Drawings begin next Friday, September 17th. Be sure to fax (909-793-0306) or email (kgibbons@bsamail.org) the Scout’s completed form to the council. Please refer to the Leader’s Guide for more information.

Golden Kernal Incentive
In last week’s issue, we introduced you to the Golden Kernal Incentive. Throughout the council, there are number of special people who, when approached to buy popcorn may present the Scout with a special Golden Kernal or Superseller patch. This patch can then be presented at either the Jack Dembo Service Center in Redlands or the Ontario Field Office where the Scout can receive a special one-time prize!

Have a great day!


Question: What do movies and Scouting have in common?

Answer: They both can be made better by popcorn. 

It's nearly fall, and that means it's time for Scouts to sell popcorn to help fund all the fun activities planned for the coming year. We know that non-Scouts out there love popcorn, and we know they want to support a good cause like Scouting. The hard part is getting your Scouts connected with these eager customers.

To better prepare you for popcorn season, we tapped the wisdom of your fellow Scouters to see if they had any kernels of knowledge about how to sell popcorn. We posted a question on our Facebook page and on Twitter (@scouting), and we got some great responses

So here are 10 Tips for Making Popcorn Sales Pop. With each tip, we've listed the helpful Scouter who submitted that suggestion.

  • It's just a numbers game. The more houses boys visit, the more they'll sell. (Blair P.)
  • Set up at a local university. College kids love popcorn! (@amsb)
  • Give the Scouts ownership of the sale. Instead of adults making all of the decisions about how the money earned will be spent, get the boys involved in the decision making. The more input the boy has, the more excited he will be about selling, and the more he will sell. (Tonya A.)
  • Sell Scouting, and the popcorn will sell itself. (Pat G.)
  • Make it fun, and give them an incentive to help the unit. We have a prize jar so the Scouts can earn a small prize for each sale. (Ken D.)
  • Sell the actual product. We call it "Show and Deliver." The customer sees the product is available right then and there and will be more likely to buy. (Roberta H.)
  • Let the boys who sell the most throw a pie in a leader's face! It's amazing how much popcorn a Scout will sell with that chance in front of them! (Jason M.)
  • Tell the boys to be professional and use manners. Make sure they introduce themselves and explain what they're doing. (@JoshWilberger)
  • Work on the Salesmanship merit badge during popcorn sales. (Cindy P.)
  • When boys deliver the popcorn, have them include a thank you note. Their customers will remember the boys next year. (Kimmy P.)

Great suggestions! And now one tip from us: With all money-earning projects, be sure to follow the BSA's "Guide to Money-Earning Projects."


Camp Helendade Pool House Work Day

This Saturday, September 18 is another opportunity for you to help rebuild the pool house at Camp Helendade. The primary job for this weekend is to continue placing the plywood sheeting and tar paper on the roof. Once that is on, we can then bring in the recently donated roofing shingles. We’re looking for 15 to 20 people that can help cook a lunch, lift panels up to the roof, swing a hammer, and other important tasks. Come out for the day or camp overnight on Friday or Saturday. Because of the nature of the work, children under the age of 12 cannot participate.

To let us know you’re coming, please contact Council Program Director Kevin Gustafson at Kevin.gustafson@scouting.org or by telephoning 909-793-2463 ext 139.


Order of the Arrow Ordeal at Camp Helendade

This past weekend, over 125 members of the Cahuilla Lodge held their fall Ordeal at Camp Helendade. Twenty-nine new members were inducted into the BSA’s National Honor Society. A number of projects were completed including: moving and organizing wood trusses, filling a roll-off dumpster with debris from the maintenance area, painting the trim work on the dining hall, securing and storing Cub Scout resident camp equipment, and fire protection projects around the buildings. Since the fires, over five roll-off dumpsters of debris have been removed from camp – three this year alone. Be sure to thank the Arrowmen and women of you district for the service and support they provide to our council camps. If you’re a member of the Order of the Arrow, but are not currently active, we encourage you to renew your dues and help provide unselfish service to your unit, your district and to the council. For more information visit the lodge’s website at www.snakepower.org.


Revised Information - Cub Scout Leader Training

All training courses for Cub Scout Leaders is now available online at: www.scouting.org/volunteer/training

Courses include:

  • "Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training"
  • "Youth Protection,"
  • "Fast Start," and
  • "This Is Scouting"

The courses have been updated to support the new Cub Scout Delivery Method rolled out earlier this year. Now, den leaders and assistants, Cubmasters and assistants, pack trainers, and pack committee chairs and members can now learn the how-to’s for suc-cessfully conducting an engaging den and pack program and can become confident in the role each plays.

Online training is also available by clicking the link: www.scouting.org. When entering www.MyScouting.org, click on the E-Learning link under the Training header located on the left-side menu. Then click on the Cub Scouts tab and voila!... all leader training is at your convenience.

If you do not have a MyScouting account, there are simple instructions on the landing page that will help you create one.

In addition to the opportunity for online training, all four Cub Scout leader courses are supported by a printed syllabus, some with a DVD, to assist council and district training teams in conducting instructor-led experiences. The catalog number for this resource is 34875.

For questions or concerns regarding MyScouting accounts, send an email to the National Service Desk at: MyScouting@scouting.org. All issues will be addressed as soon as possible in order to get users online and fully trained!


For Evey New DIRECTV Subscriber The BSA Gets $75, The Subscriber Saves $100


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Steps for Subscribers:

  • With every new DIRECTV® subscription to the CHOICE™ package or higher, the BSA gets $75 and the subscriber saves $100!
  • Share this offer with your friends— remember to write down your council number and council zip code.
  • It's easy! Just call 1-877-548-3550 and have your council number - 45 -  and council zip code ready. Our operators will do the rest.


Merit Badges  

Eleven questions, 120-plus subjects

Merit badges lie at the heart of the Boy Scout advancement program. Almost every Scout earns at least a few, and a few Scouts earn them all. While merit badges cover a diverse range of subjects, they’re all earned the same way. 

Who can sign off on a merit badge?
Only a registered merit badge counselor may sign off on a merit badge. He or she must be at least 18 years old, a registered Scouter, and qualified to teach the subject. Counselors must also receive the approval of the council advancement committee.

Can’t Scoutmasters approve badges within their troop?
They can, but only if they’re also merit badge counselors. Similarly, a council must have approved a counselor even if he or she only works with Scouts in a single troop.

Are counselors limited to just six badges?
No, a council may approve counselors for as many merit badges as they’re qualified to teach.

Is there a limit to how many badges a Scout may earn with one counselor?
No, although leaders may encourage Scouts to work with a diverse group of adults.

I’ve heard that merit badge counselors can’t work with their own son. Is that true?
No, counselors may counsel their own children. However, it’s a good idea to include other Scouts in the process.

Do Scouts have to earn merit badges in groups?
Not exactly. A buddy must accompany a Scout at counseling sessions, but that buddy can be a parent, sibling, or other non-Scout.

How much flexibility do counselors have for interpreting badge requirements?
Each Scout must complete the badge requirements exactly as written. For example, if he’s supposed to demonstrate a skill, he can’t just describe it.

Can counselors add to the badge?
They can’t add requirements. However, they can offer additional, optional learning opportunities such as a workplace tour or hands-on activity to enhance the experience.

If the requirements in the merit badge pamphlet and Boy Scout Requirements differ, which set should the Scout complete?
Scouts should use the requirements in the current edition of Boy Scout Requirements. However, if the requirements change while a Scout is working on a badge, he may complete the badge using the previous requirements.

Are the rules different for summer camp?
The same rules apply at summer camp. Staff members under age 18 may assist with instruction, but they can’t serve as merit badge counselors.

Where can I find more information?
Reference the “Guide for Merit Badge Counselors” at scouting.org/scoutsource/boyscouts/guideformeritbadgecounselors.aspx.


Five Reasons to Participate in our Portrait Program

12832 Valley View St. Ste 104
Garden Grove, CA 92845
562-596-8999 www.GradPortraits.com

Eagle portraits promote Scouting as a principal. Five hundred portraits in your community become 5,000 in ten years, 10,000 in twenty years and so on. These are portraits of young men who will accomplish substantial feats within their community. We want to create those portraits and show pride the foundation from which they are constructed: the Scouting movement.

Recruitment & Funding:
Eagle portraits show the positive side of Scouting, thusly continuing the flow of new Scouts and new donations. Remember the 10,000 portraits discussed above? Image 60,000 young nine-year-olds seeing a portrait and beginning to set their sights on Scouting. Now, imagine them setting their sights on Eagle Scout.

Eagle portraits build community strength and pride by showing your young Eagles in the glory of their achievement. We in society do not document this well. We propose to show these Eagles to the community as every day heroes.

Create family pride, celebrating the accomplishment of your young Eagle by showing them in uniform, in their full glory as a Scout. We want families to show these portraits in their home, business, church and community to show their strong family foundation.

Eagle portraits show an Eagle’s pride in the achievement, but also their pride in the institution 

Click Here for Dates


Dear Boy Scouts,

My husband has been a faithful contributor to the Boy Scouts for a long time. He is now 91 years old ( born in New York City in 1919 ) and will not live much longer because of illness. He has told me of his boy scout activities. He remembered doing his hike in full uniform with backpack in the city of New York! He knew how many blocks to hike to make a mile. He also camped on Ellis Island in the " woods". He was only 1 merit badge short of becoming an Eagle Scout. I believe it set an example for becoming such a good man. He is a retired Lt. Colonel of the United States Air Force.

Please keep up the good work of " training " our young men to become the very best that they can in life.

Sincerely, A very proud wife


Grandfather, Life Scout hike 20 miles

By rquezada & Dennis Greene

As part of his Hiking Merit Badge, my grandson and Life Scout, Andy Greene, needed to complete a 20-miler. He scheduled the 29th of May on which to launch that hike and, as his grandfather, I volunteered to trudge along with him. I've been a life-long camper, hiker, and Scout leader, so, I was certain that we'd enjoy spending time together, and meeting a physical challenge.

As usual, we studied maps of the local wildlife areas; took a gander at the Santa Ana River course as it snaked in, out and through the Riverside County communities; drew up a list of essentials (first-aid, compass, map, grub and H2O); selected our resting sites, and picked a halfway point at which we'd meet up with Andy's dad, Thomas, to replenish supplies if necessary and to catch a breather.

We also decided to toss an additional challenge into the mix: we'd see if we could complete the effort in less than six hours. Allotting seven hours for the entire trek (which would include one hour's worth of rest breaks) we determined that the hike could be made within the remaining six hours. To accomplish the task, we'd need to maintain a decent pace; - averaging about 3.5 miles per hour; - it seemed do-able. We had already taken our pre-summer-camp physicals, and we both exercise fairly regularly, so, we were good-to-go. Yep; - everything looked good on paper. (We even had a Plan 'B').

At 0800, on the 29th, we were at the launch site. At 0815 - our backpacks hoisted and cinched - we headed out; - a beautiful Saturday morning with a strong, steady breeze blowing across the Santa Ana River wildlife areas (we would be walking into the wind for the first length of the journey, but, it'd be with us on the return trip ... and that'd be a good thing). My eldest grandson and I headed out across the wildlife areas - aiming for a half-way point referred to as, 'Scout Lane'. According to the maps, 'Scout Lane', would be found on the eastern side of Mt. Rubidoux, just off Mission Boulevard; - it seemed like a perfect spot for a Kodak Moment!

Andy and I had a great experience; - kind'a figured we would; - nothing better than a hike for two dudes on a Saturday in Southern California. The jaunt - in full - was actually 22 miles. The added two miles was in regard to the fact that we neglected to take into consideration the 1 mile "to-and-from" distance between where we parked our truck, and the actual starting/end point for the hike. (Oh, well ... live n' learn).

It was 77 degrees at hike's launch, and it would be 89 degrees at trek's end (a little warm for a hustle-up hike, but, the experience was worth it). We witnessed any number of hawks chowing down on squirrels, snakes and what turned out to be a hapless rabbit (so much for the "lucky" rabbit's foot).

'Plan B' was activated about mile 8.5 when the obvious realities of our map came into conflict with grandpa's stubbornness. In this instance, the Plan B route worked out wonderfully (if nothing else, we're flexible). The alternate course took us through a beautiful segment of Riverside that neither of us had ever seen before; - a bit of urban hiking at that point!

It took us a total of 6 hours and 39 minutes to complete our Trek O' Plenty - meaning that we had a whole 21 minutes to spare (about the time it would have taken Andy to hastily bury me aside the Santa Ana River 'cause I was about dead by the end of this hike).

In that time span, we took approximately 65 minutes in breaks, so, our actual hiking time was 5 hours and 34 minutes for an average of 3.58 MPH (give, or, take a blister, or, three). It's my belief that Andy would certainly have broken the 4 MPH mark had he not been dragging my overweight, aged, blistered, near-lifeless carcass for the last two miles (allowing me to tag along with him was, indeed, a Scout-worthy, "good turn").

All-in-all, it was a great experience; - enabling us to take in the scenery and terrain of our local wildlife areas while working up a sweat, and getting' plenty of sunshine.


Memorials and Tributes 

At approximately 4 AM on August 31st, Donna's father, Robert E. Campbell passed away in his sleep after a very short illness.  He was 86.  He and the real 'Wanda Honey' were married for more than 66 years.  'Wanda Honey' was the name of his P-51 and of course was named for his wife. 

Bob was very proud of his service in WW II as a member of the 8th Air Force ... then part of the United States Army Air Corp (USAAC).  He was one of the lucky few who got to fly both P-38's and P-51's in combat.  He was part of the escort group that helped take USAAC bombers deep into Germany to help win WW II.  Following active duty, he remained in what became the United States Force as a reservist until 1955.

Bob was an Eagle Scout.  In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the 'campership fund' of the:

California Inland Empire Council
Boy Scouts of America

    Attn.:  Mr. Joe Daniszewski, Scout Executive
    PO Box 8910
    Redlands, California 92375-2110


News & Tidbits

Boy Scouts Given, Highest Legion Honor

Joining a distinguished list that includes Gen. John J. Pershing, Douglas MacArthur, Henry Ford, Bob Hope, J. Edgar Hoover, Dr. Jonas Salk, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen and Gen. David Petraeus, the Boy Scouts of America today received the highest commendation given by the nation's largest veterans organization. Read More.....


The BSA’s new BeAScout www.beascout.org campaign gives councils and unit leaders a web-based tool to manage recruitment, while offering parents an easy way to find Scouting units in their neighborhoods.

Yogi and Boo-boo Join The Boy Scouts

 Click Here


FOS Report

9/10/2010Goal 2010 Actual% of GoalCash to Date12/2009 Actual# of ProspectsProspects Personally Contacted% of Prospects
Mt. RubidouxKathleen Hartman$122,000$127,213104.27%$107,560$114,400 2,787 68724.65%
TahquitzDonna Baker$144,000$127,91688.83%$117,734$131,534 3,381 98028.99%
3 PeaksJoe Wilson$73,000$65,06689.13%$62,478$67,089 1,712 62636.57%
High DesertBruce Ebmeyer$102,000$88,51586.78%$82,689$88,753 3,104 70322.65%
GraybackPaul Foster$105,000$89,26885.02%$85,156$95,116 1,869 49326.38%
Old BaldyJohn Sitar$134,000$110,70182.61%$92,750$128,610 3,033 70023.08%
SunriseMike Lindley$62,000$49,51679.86%$46,585$53,807 1,501 30320.19%
5 NationsAaron Knox$51,500$36,95971.77%$29,639$40,698 860 31036.05%
TemescalGrant Clark$128,000$90,16270.44%$82,049$95,058 2,750 75827.56%
ArrowheadMajor Fritz$80,000$56,28370.35%$44,555$71,251 2,478 40016.14%









LDS FOS Report 


Positive Quote

“If you make listening and observation your occupation you will gain much more than you can by talk.”

 - Sir Rober Baden-Powell


Have a great Scouting week!
Yours in the Spirit of Scouting,

Joe Daniszewski
Scout Executive/CEO
California Inland Empire Council, BSA
1230 Indiana Court
Redlands, CA 92374

909.793.2463, Ext. 120
909.793.0306 Fax

Monday Memo is from Scout Executive Joe Daniszewski and contains his reflection on what is happening within the Council. The purpose of Monday Memo is to communicate information about the week ahead, to acknowledge the good things happening around the Council and to address specific issues that the Scout Executive wants to bring to your attention. Joe welcomes any comments, suggestions or recommendations on how to make this memo as helpful as possible. If you have something you want publicized in the Monday Memo, please send it to his attention c/o Monday Memo: Joseph.Daniszewski@scouting.org for Monday Memo Archives Click Here

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