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Venturing Leader Training

To be qualified to receive and wear the "Trained" strip as a Venturing Leader you must participate in Fast Start Training, New Leader Essentials and Leader Specific Training.

Fast Start Training: the initial training for all leaders in all programs. It is a quick job description with basic tips to manage until training is available. This training is available online, through your pack or district and takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Fast Start Training Online - click here.

New Leader Essentials: Designed for all volunteers and provides the basics of the Scouting programs, the age appropriateness of those programs, and our values and methods. This training is usually delivered by the district training committee and takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

Venturing Leader Specific Training: Leader specific includes five sessions designed to provide leaders with a good working knowledge of Crew Operation. Offered at the District and Council level.                    

Youth Protection Training: This training increases awareness in youth protection issues, reviews all of the BSA youth protection policies and is required for all of the Leader training awards. Youth Protection Training is required for all registered leaders participating in any nationally conducted event or activity and is recommended for anyone working directly with the youth. Youth Protection training is available online or through your district. Time to complete varies. Youth Protection Training Online - click here.

Chartered Organization Representative (COR) Training:  As a chartered organization representative, you hold a key position in Scouting. While there is honor attached to this position, it is not an "honorary" one. Your primary function is to ensure that the chartered organization's Scouting program succeeds. The COR is head of the "Scouting department" in the organization, and as such the responsibilities of the units and leadership is ultimately the COR's responsibility. Offered at the District level.

Note: Once the "Trained" strip has been earned Venturing Leaders are highly encouraged to take part in the following training opportunities:

Powder Horn: Powder Horn is a training opportunity designed to expose Venturing Leaders and Boy Scout Leaders to activities and resources necessary to operate a successful Venturing Ranger or Troop High Adventure Program. Offered at the Council Level. 

Seabadge: An advanced weekend training conference for Sea Scouting leaders and is conducted on a regional or region-approved council invitational basis.

Introduction To Outdoor Leadership Skills: Weekend training focused at improving leaders' outdoor skills, as well as being fun and helpful in building morale.

University of Scouting: Day long program of action, activites and program ideas. Offered at the Council level.

Venturing Leader Forum: Monthly program with the purpose of giving leaders the skills and ideas they need to deliver an exciting Venturing Program. Offered at the District level.

Wood Badge: Weeklong or multiple weekend training course designed to provide adults with advanced leadership skills and a more dedicated involvement in Scouting. Offered at the Council level.

Safe Swim Defense / Safety Afloat Training: This training is required for your unit to participate in ANY aquatic activity.  Safe Swim Defense / Safety Afloat training is available online or through the Camp Allatoona Aquatics Base. Time to complete varies. Safe Swim Defense / Safety Afloat Training Online - click here.

National Training Conferences held a Philmont Training Center located in Cimarron, New Mexico.  Invitational training held during the summer to enhance knowledge, skills and attitude to improve performance of District and Council level Scouting roles.  Philmont Training Center - click here

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