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"The event was great and my son’s comment (Jack Sorensen, 2nd Class - Troop 869 - Scottsdale) “awesome to be able to meet and also learn from the members of the ASU golf team!” Best regards."
Tait Sorensen 

Nuclear Science

"Hello! My son attended the Nuclear Science merit badge and really enjoyed it.  It was a great merit badge clinic. Thank you."
Kathy & Cecil Mendoza

"My son really liked the hands-on portion in the afternoon.  He said he learned a TON and it was one of his favorite badge clinics. As a parent who attended, I have to say that I also learned a lot.  I felt that the presenters did a great job and the whole experience was very educational. Thank you for asking for feedback!"
- Donna Erwin


"This merit badge class was GREAT!  The metalwork guys really worked hard to make this a great class for the boys!  :)"
-Nicole Graybill

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"This is Alton, one of the scouts, I had a lot of fun at the clinic. Making the pipes was one of the things I really liked. Me and my friend also really like the staff as they were entertaining but also taught us proper safety and use of the tools. Thank you."
- Alton
"P.S. Lunch was great"


"It was good for their first one.  The instructors were very knowledgeable and worked well with the scouts.   The other thing is they only went over one part of number 11.  The scouts were instructed to wash their parent's car when they got home to finish this - it probably would be better for them to do this as a pre-requisite. Other than that - the staff and facilities were great and I think the boys learned a lot.  I even learned a thing or two!  Thanks for putting that together."

"My son absolutely enjoyed the MB clinic.  He learned a ton and also liked being able to see a "really cool" new car on the showroom floor. When I asked him what could be done differently next time, he said he would have liked a place to sit and fill out his worksheet.  Thanks Steve for putting the clinic together!"


These are some of the kids from the school. SRP - Troop 18 at Scout-O-Rama
- Elizabeth Skirpan